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By Wayne Allyn Root

Well Biden, Obama the radical Democrats got their way, didn’t they?

They wanted America radicalized and weaponized. They wanted division, hatred and envy. They pushed grievances and “the blame game.”

They wanted the whole country and economy based on social justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, Critical Race Theory, reparations and 1,000 other crazy, radical, dangerous, racist ideas.

Then they opened the border and waved the whole world in- including criminals, terrorists, America-haters, Jew-haters, and military age males with nothing to lose (and perhaps taking marching orders from our enemies).

Throw in a weaponized government demonizing and framing the leading opponent to Joe Biden; rigging the jury and judges to ensure a guilty verdict; then holding multiple “communist show trials” with one goal- to stop President Trump, imprison him, or perhaps kill him. Keep in mind this is all happening in Manhattan just blocks from Columbia University.

Throw in America’s sworn enemies like George Soros, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, and most prominently China and the Chinese Communist Party, no doubt spreading billions around to fund this toxic brew, and bribe the politicians.

Spin, stir, shake, and now you have the anarchy, unrest, vile hatred, anti-semitism and violence at Columbia University (and every other elite university).

This is our enemies greatest dream- we are so divided and consumed by hate, we will destroy ourselves from within.

But this much I know- my alma mater Columbia University is ground zero for what’s coming.

Radical America-haters and Jew-haters have occupied the campus of Columbia.

Protestors celebrate and cheer the murdering terrorists and mass murderers of Hamas. They chant about genocide and “death to the Jews.”

Columbia’s chief rabbi has warned Jewish students to leave campus immediately because they are not safe on the campus.

A pro-Israel Columbia professor had his key deactivated and has been told he won’t be allowed on campus for “his own safety and protection.”

The school has now capitulated to the mob and cancelled in-person classes and moved to online education. Keep in mind Jewish students’ parents are paying $86,000 per year for this treatment.

At Ivy League “sister-school” Yale the same radicals have occupied the campus in solidarity with their Columbia communist and Jew-hating comrades.

Incredibly, Yale protestors just blocked a Jewish student from entering a campus building. Remind anyone of Hitler’s young Nazi thugs in 1930’s Germany?

A Jewish journalist from the Yale student newspaper was poked in the eye with a Palestinian flag after she was surrounded by thugs, sending her to the hospital.

Incredibly, this is all happening in America. Today. Right now.

Now let’s put the shoe on the other foot. Let’s take the same scenario and replace “Jew” with “black American.”

I want everyone to picture how horrified and hysterical Democrats and the liberal mainstream media would be if the shoe was on the other foot.

What if white students wearing hoods occupied Columbia University (and other Ivy League universities) and called for the genocide of black Americans?

What if white terrorists mass murdered and raped blacks in another country last October 7th and these white students at Columbia celebrated the event and waved KKK flags?

What if a black university leader told black students to immediately leave because they weren’t safe on campus?

What if a black professor was locked out of the Columbia campus “for his own safety and protection?”

What if a black student was blocked by a mob of white thugs from entering a Columbia University building?

What if a black journalist for the Columbia student newspaper was surrounded by a mob of white thugs, and sent to the hospital after being poked in the eye by a KKK flag?

What if the President of Columbia capitulated to the white KKK mob and cancelled in-person classes? What an insult to the parents of black students who pay $86,000 per year for this treatment.

What if these KKK white supremacist rallies were spreading all over the USA with protestors screaming about “death to blacks.”

Would this be allowed by President Biden? For even an hour, let alone days or weeks on end?

Here is what I guarantee would be the response if the victims were black…

The President of Columbia University would either be fired, or forced to step down.

Columbia would bring in hundreds of police, or private security to guarantee the safety of black students.

The Governor of New York would order National Guard to the Columbia campus to stop the protests and to protect black students.

Columbia would offer a full refund of all tuition to the black students.

Black students and alumni would pursue a class-action lawsuit against Columbia for hundreds of billions of dollars for allowing a dangerous, hostile and racist environment.

The President of the United States would terminate all federal funding for any colleges allowing this kind of racism and hate on campus.

The protestors would be labeled as “domestic terrorists,” be arrested and face years in prison.

But this is America today, run by Joe Biden (and his boss Obama) and a Democrat Party made up of communist radicals and racists who preach hate, division and envy.

They created this toxic brew. They’ve turned us into a combination of 1968…1860 in the days before the Civil War…and 1930’s Nazi Germany.

The questions are…

As this hateful occupy movement and anarchy grows (and it will) what will Biden do?

Will local officials, police and university presidents take strong steps to stop this anarchy?

And can Biden and his radical comrades control this toxic monster they’ve created? Or is this now out of their control?

I know there are three places to start…

All the colleges that allow Jew-hatred and pro-Hamas anarchy must lose their federal funding.

The President of Columbia University must be fired immediately, or forced to step down.

And that other President who created this hostile environment should also take responsibility and resign effective immediately. Joe Biden wanted a nation of division and hate. He owns this mess.

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