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Why Christians Oppose Abortion

Find out the reasons why Christians oppose abortion. Where do they find their support and is there any biblical basis for their beliefs. What are their arguments against the left's reasons to be pro-choice.

Why Christians Oppose Abortion2022-01-12T10:02:57-06:00

Learn How to Build A Biblical Worldview In Your Kids

Take a few minutes to find out how to help your children develop a biblical worldview. Find out why so many parents are losing their kids to today's culture. These are practical steps any parent can take to

Learn How to Build A Biblical Worldview In Your Kids2022-01-12T09:47:53-06:00

Should Christians Be Involved In Culture

Mike discusses what God has to say about Christians being involved in the Culture. Jesus had some specific comments about our role in the culture in which we live. Find out what our role is to be.

Should Christians Be Involved In Culture2021-12-31T10:13:46-06:00

How To Become A Christian

Listen to Laura talk about how to become a Christian. She presents the ABC's of salvation and how it doesn't depend upon what you do but what Christ did for us. It is a FREE GIFT that Jesus

How To Become A Christian2021-12-31T09:43:55-06:00

Why Homeschooling Is Growing So Fast

In this video we discuss why homeschooling is growing so fast and what is causing parents to make this choice. Is the change only the result of the pandemic or is there other reasons parents are making this

Why Homeschooling Is Growing So Fast2022-01-12T09:18:04-06:00

What Are Homeschooling Pods?

Find out what a homeschooling pod is and why it is so important. Discover how to give your kids a biblical worldview and how public school may be damaging all the work you are doing at home and

What Are Homeschooling Pods?2021-12-31T09:32:23-06:00

School Choice Is Becoming A Hot Topic

More and more students are being homeschooled. Why is this? It is because of the indoctrination going on in our, so called, public schools today. Why are so many of our students turning out to be soldiers for

School Choice Is Becoming A Hot Topic2021-12-14T14:14:11-06:00

What Is A Biblical Worldview?

Learn what a biblical worldview is and why it is important. In this video Mike discusses why everyone has a worldview and what that means. Learn about resources that may assist you in developing your worldview.

What Is A Biblical Worldview?2022-01-03T09:04:34-06:00

Pros and Cons of Teachers Unions

Are the teachers unions supporting our kids or are they part of the problem? This is an important question today as teacher unions actively elect candidates and support many causes that are against Christian beliefs. Is it time

Pros and Cons of Teachers Unions2021-12-14T14:14:00-06:00

Homeschooling Opportunity For The Right

Listen to Mike talk about a new opportunity for conservatives in the homeschooling movement. Find out how this is a chance for the right to push for school choice and stop the indoctrination of children in our public

Homeschooling Opportunity For The Right2021-12-14T08:42:57-06:00

Outrageous Tab: Minnesota School Charges $901,000 for Critical Race Theory Records

window.addEventListener(“message”, receiveSize, false);function receiveSize(e) {if (e.origin + “/” === “https://justthenews.com/”)document.getElementById(“jtn-embed-6728”).style.height = e.data + “px”;} Battleground States, Minnesota, News, The Upper-Midwestcritical race theory, CRT, law, public records, public school, records, Twitter Admin 2021-12-07 20:27:43 Article Source - theminnesotasun.com

Outrageous Tab: Minnesota School Charges $901,000 for Critical Race Theory Records2021-12-07T20:27:43-06:00
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