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Who Is Klaus Schwab

Klaus Schwab was the founder of the World Economic Forum and is one of the promoters of the Great Reset. Learn a little more about Klaus Schwab and his vision for the new world order.

Who Is Klaus Schwab2022-03-27T15:42:41-05:00

Was The Ukraine Invasion A Diversion

Was the Ukraine invasion a diversion? It seems like a funny question to ask. Listen to this video which discusses what occurred just before the invasion.

Was The Ukraine Invasion A Diversion2022-03-27T15:42:32-05:00

Department of Justice Moves Against Parents

The government has been turned against the ordinary U.S.. citizen who stands up for their rights at school board meetings. Listen to what Tucker Carson says about this sword that has turned against parents who care about what

Department of Justice Moves Against Parents2022-03-27T15:42:20-05:00

California Teacher Exposes Woke Agenda

Listen to this California teacher expose the woke agenda which is being taught in California schools. A similar curriculum is being used in other states.

California Teacher Exposes Woke Agenda2022-03-27T15:42:13-05:00

Today’s Biblical Worldview Status

This video discusses the result of a recent survey that addressed the current status of a biblical worldview in the church and in society in general. This survey gives us a great idea of how both the church

Today’s Biblical Worldview Status2022-03-27T15:42:02-05:00

More About The 1619 Project

In this video, we provide more information about the 1619 project and why the progressives are pushing this project as a means to change U.S. history.

More About The 1619 Project2022-03-27T15:41:53-05:00
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