School Board Strategies

This video discusses some strategies that school board candidates can use to win election.

School Board Strategies2022-03-01T08:21:00-06:00

What Is Religious Freedom and What are our Protections

Find out why it is important for us to maintain our religious freedom and our protections especially today when the progressives are trying to establish control.

What Is Religious Freedom and What are our Protections2022-03-01T08:41:28-06:00

Public Schools Are Now A War Zone

This video discusses the environment that exists in public schools today and how it is a war zone of ideas with the left pushing their progressive ideas to our kids.

Public Schools Are Now A War Zone2022-03-01T08:42:28-06:00

Cloward Piven Strategy

The Cloward Piven strategy is another strategy that is used by progressives to win their arguments to assist in the overthrow of America. Listen to how the left uses this argument to win the day.

Cloward Piven Strategy2022-03-01T08:43:39-06:00

Issues With Rank Choice Voting

Rank Choice voting was recently passed in Minnetonka and Bloomington. This video talks about some of the issues with Rank Choice Voting and how it is being used to hurt our election process.

Issues With Rank Choice Voting2022-03-01T08:44:26-06:00

Saul Alinsky Eight Rules For Radicals

This video discusses the eight rules for Radicals developed for Saul Alinsky and adopted by the left to guide their takeover of America.

Saul Alinsky Eight Rules For Radicals2022-03-01T08:46:37-06:00

BLM Does Not Rep Civil Rights Movement

Many who support the Black Lives Matter movement suggest that it is just a continuation of the civil rights movement. This video presents arguments against this presumption.

BLM Does Not Rep Civil Rights Movement2022-03-01T08:47:06-06:00

Another Top Ten Reason To Homeschool

In this video we present more reasons to homeschool. If you still have your kids in public school, you should watch this video.

Another Top Ten Reason To Homeschool2022-03-01T08:51:27-06:00

Marxism & Karl Marx

Learn more about Karl Marx and Marxism in this short video which provides the background on Marx and how his ideas are being implemented today through many of the programs being pushed in schools through programs such as

Marxism & Karl Marx2022-03-01T08:52:06-06:00

CSE Information With Student Testimony

This video provides background information about comprehensive sex education including two student testimonies.

CSE Information With Student Testimony2022-03-01T08:53:08-06:00

Saul Alinskey’s 13 Rules For Radicals

This is a Christian's view of the 13 Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinskey. It is an animated video outlining the 13 rules followed with a recommendation as to what Christians can do to protect themselves from them.

Saul Alinskey’s 13 Rules For Radicals2022-03-01T08:54:05-06:00
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