The woke left’s infestation of businesses extends to companies that one would think are either safe from politics or lean right. Then, they conspire with executives to double-cross salt-of-the-earth Americans for pure greed.

Conservative activist Robby Starbuck on Wednesday dropped a sobering video report on a company rural Americans (mainly Trump voters) rely on to do their jobs: John Deere. It turns out that selling tractors is far from the only item on the manufacturing company’s agenda.

Starbuck revealed that John Deere had undertaken a variety of sick actions promoting the radical left’s LGBTQ agenda, including pride events for toddlers and “Genderbread man” training.

The company has also promoted Marxist BLM activists like Ibram Kendi and Robin DeAngelo and is pushing unspecified DEI policies in Latin America and India. However, the Middle East and Africa appear to be exempt.

The company is so woke that the far-left Human Rights Campaign, a critical player in the DEI movement, awarded it a 95/100 score.

Here is the complete list of woke policies John Deere has undertaken according to Starbuck:

  • Funding a pride event for kids as young as 3.
  • “Genderbread man” training.
  • They ask employees to list their “preferred pronouns” on all communications.
  • Bill Gates is listed as their largest shareholder.
  • John Deere celebrated their accounting and finance team taking United Way’s 21-day “United For Equity” program
  • John Deere promoted Ibram Kendi, the woke children’s book “Anti-Racist Baby”, “Awake to Woke to Work”, a podcast on the concept of “Whiteness”, woke activist Robin DiAngelo, bigotry against Christians who supposedly have “Christian Privilege” and more.
  • The woke policies have spread across the global John Deere brand with many of their DEI policies also being forced on their Latin America and India branches.
  • LGBTQ & race-based identity groups at corporate headquarters.


Starbuck said these revelations on John Deere were “only the beginning,” and more would be revealed in the coming weeks and months.

To add insult to injury, John Deere announced massive layoffs of American workers in the Midwest last week and is moving factories to Mexico. As Fox Business reported, they are blaming operational costs in the United States and a lack of tractor sales.

From Fox Business:

The company is slashing around 280 workers from a plant in East Moline, Illinois, while another 230 employees are being let go at a factory in Davenport, Iowa. About 100 production employees at the company’s Dubuque, Iowa, plant will also be impacted. All layoffs are said to be effective from Aug. 30, the company tells FOX Business.

About 500 employees have been let go at its Waterloo plant in Iowa, per WQAD.

With this toxic combination of pushing disgusting woke nonsense while firing hard-working Americans, one could argue that John Deere deserves the Bud Light treatment. We may soon see how rural America responds.

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