Democrats in the Senate are pushing a multi-billion dollar bailout for struggling theater companies across the country and one of the companies that would benefit is New York’s Public Theater which staged a production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in 2017 that portrayed the central character as Trump. The play features the assassination of the title character.

Many of these companies are struggling because they and their supporters embraced the harshest Covid policies. They also alienated many former supporters by going fully woke.

In other words, many of these companies deserve to fail and will do so in time, whether they get a bailout now or not.

Breitbart News reports:

Failing Theaters Would Receive $5 Billion Taxpayer-Funded Bailout under Democrat Plan

Non-profit theater companies across the country would receive a $5 billion taxpayer-funded bailout under a new plan being promoted by a group of Democrats in the Senate. The proposed bailout comes as prominent stages are facing unprecedented financial crises following their embrace of woke identity politics, which has alienated audiences and donors.

Among the companies poised to receive the new federal dollars would be New York’s Public Theater, which staged the gruesome stabbing death of President Donald Trump in its infamous 2017 production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Sen. Peter Welch (D-VT) is leading the way with the legislation, which is called the Supporting Theater and the Arts to Galvanize the Economy (STAGE) Act of 2024….

New York’s Public Theater, which recently laid off nearly 20 percent of its staff, staged the assassination of President Donald Trump in its 2017 Central Park production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. The staging shocked many audience members and led to the cancellation of some corporate sponsorships, including Bank of America and Delta.

This bill is probably going nowhere. It’s difficult to imagine a single Republican who would back it.

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