Americans are expressing disappointment a once-cherished institution as the Boy Scouts of America is changing its name to become more inclusive.

The Irving, Texas-based 114-year-old organization announced Tuesday at its annual meeting in Florida that has changed its name to Scouting America in an effort to be more inclusive and increase membership.

“It’s not surprising given where the scouts have been,” Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, told Newsmax.

“If I were to pick a name it would be the Cicada scouts, because they’ve become nothing more than a hollow shell of what they once were,” Perkins added.

“It’s a prophetic warning of the cost of moral compromise, so people should take this as a warning.”

Said Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life USA, “We are saddened by the scouts’ continued challenge to the truth that boys and girls are different, and remain committed to recognizing the unique design of boys through our proven process that is growing them into godly men.”

With 60,000 members and over 1,110 troops, Trail Life USA is the largest Christ-centered, boy-focused, scout-type organization in the country.

Hancock said the storied history of the Boys Scouts of helping young people become men will be lost. He noted the scouts had many luminaries as alumni, including astronauts Neil Armstrong, James Lovell, and Roger Chaffee, former Sen. Bill Bradley, former President Gerald Ford, and many others.

Other Christian leaders were displeased by the name change.

“Like many traditional institutions, the Boy Scouts of America has plunged radically toward immorality, betraying the honor of their oath,” said Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.

“The 12-point Scout Law traditionally culminated with a beautiful call to ‘be reverent toward God,’ but their leadership, bowing to the cultural ideologies and anti-Christian fervor, has led this once-amazing organization that has trained boys for a century into corruption, sexual abuse, and scandal.”

It was during an interview before Tuesday’s announcement that Roger Krone, president and CEO of Boy Scouts of America, noted the name change.

“In the next 100 years we want any youth in America to feel very, very welcome to come into our programs,” Krone said.

The once traditional Boy Scouts has made huge alterations to its organization after decades of turmoil, including allowing gay youth and girls to join its ranks.

Over 6,000 females have now achieved the ranking of Eagle Scout.

The organization is also emerging from bankruptcy following myriad sexual abuse claims.

Meanwhile, reaction online Tuesday ranged from widely dismayed to fewer apathetic and supportive views.

“Sad. The @boyscouts have given their throat up to the mob,” wrote film and TV star Nick Searcy.

“Keep the Boy Scout the BOY Scouts, keep the Girl Scouts the GIRL Scouts,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn wrote on X.

The sports media outlet Outkick posted: “When it comes to anything involving gender in the United States, nothing is sacred anymore. It’s another win for PC culture looking to erase American history and tradition.”

American evangelist and president of Samaritan’s Purse Franklin Graham had a different take.

“Talk about losing your way – that’s the @Boy Scouts,” Graham wrote on X. “They want to be more ‘inclusive,’ so they’re changing their name. Being woke isn’t the need – staying focused & true to God calls you to do is what’s important.”

“They should’ve just stuck with what they were founded to be 114 years ago,” Graham added.

“Wokeness destroys everything it touches,” Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., wrote on X, lamenting the change.

The organization will not officially change its name until Feb. 8, 2025, which is its 115th birthday. Krone said he expects people immediately will start using the name.

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