Western Lensman recently released his latest visual masterpiece –
“A Warning to America: 25 Ways the US is Being Destroyed | Explained in Under 2 Minutes”

The video includes the top 25 ways America is being destroyed from within.

This is not by accident.

And not one single issue is impossible to correct. We just need leaders who are willing to stand up and face the forces of evil in America today.

Here are the 25 Ways the US is Being Destroyed from the video:

By Western Lensman and Blake Habyan

A Warning to America – 25 Ways the US is being destroyed in under two minutes.

1. open borders and illegal immigration.
2. rampant crime and unsafe cities.
3. mass addiction and fentanyl.
4. election in security and interference.
5. the educational indoctrination of children.
6. the asymmetrical weaponization of justice.
7. the destruction of private property rights.
8. inflation and debt.
9. the global de-population agenda.
10. record low fertility and plummeting birth rates.
11. unaccountable federal bureaucracies.
12. toxic food supply.
13. vaccine and pandemic disinformation.
14. the transcontagion and sterilization of children.
15. overprescription of pharmaceuticals.
16. destruction of the nuclear family Family and parental rights.
17. DEI and the new racism.
18. moral and societal decay.
19. the financing of endless foreign wars.
20. the sprawling surveillance state.
21. the centralization and consolidation of government power.
22. the destruction of trust in institutions.
23. the censorship industrial complex.
24. state media propaganda.
25. the smearing of those who challenge it.

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