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Xinhua, Chinese state media, ran the headline, “U.S. police brutality against student protesters exposes hypocrisy on free speech.” The article begins with, “As the world watches in horror at the footage of U.S. police viciously suppressing student protests.” Chinese state media is providing daily coverage of the protests, painting the US as authoritarian and the police as evil. Many of the articles have the number of arrests in the title, such as “Over 100 arrested at UT-Austin amid pro-Palestinian protest.”

In light of the fact that there are no First Amendment freedoms in China, it is ironic that Beijing is outraged that “Peaceful student demonstrators were framed by armed police and U.S. media as ‘perpetrators’ deserving ‘crackdown.’” Peaceful student demonstrators would be quickly subdued and shipped off to camps in China or killed, as happened at Tiananmen Square.

China was publishing these articles while Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in Beijing, but he raised no objection. Even US politicians and business leaders are succumbing to China’s will, either wittingly or unwittingly.

This all has the feel of the US-USSR Cold War and the Vietnam era when liberals were protesting in favor of the Vietcong and the Khmer Rouge. The difference was that during the Vietnam War, the government was largely in favor of America.

The blocs of the new Cold War are China-Russia-Iran vs. the US and the West. However, in addition to proxy armies like Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis, Beijing is weakening our country from within. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) subsidizes the companies making fentanyl precursor chemicals and exporting them to Mexican drug cartels. By doing so, the PRC is killing 150 Americans a day, physically destroying the nation.

China is also using media campaigns, disinformation, online campaigns, and indoctrination to undermine the West from the inside. Amplifying liberal narratives about drug legalization or decriminalization, China is able to convince Americans that drugs and overdoses are normal. The liberal solution of handing out free Narcan is a good example of reducing deaths while failing to address the fact that a large swath of the population is destroying themselves slowly.

The climate agenda is another narrative Beijing encourages the left to push. China is happy to see Europe and the US adopt green restrictions, which make their products more expensive, while China, the world’s largest consumer of coal, continues to increase emissions year on year, so they can undercut the world’s exports. An added bonus is that by getting the rest of the world to stop using coal, China gets coal at a discount. Additionally, China manufactures solar panels and EV batteries, which are too polluting to produce in Europe. So, by pushing the climate agenda, China makes a market for their own exports.

Beijing follows around behind Washington, playing the role of “the friend of the friendless.” After the US pulled out of Afghanistan, Beijing accepted the credentials of the Taliban’s ambassador. Afghanistan is sitting on about a trillion dollars’ worth of rare earth minerals, and China is likely to be the country that gets to extract them.

By supporting Iran, which in turn supports the Houthis, China is disrupting global shipping. Coincidentally, the Houthis have agreed not to attack Russian and Chinese ships. Global shipping is getting more expensive, while China’s shipping remains cheap.

Blocs are forming globally, and at the same time, a fifth column is growing within Europe, Canada, and the US among the liberal left. The pro-Palestine protester, woke mobs, and leftist outrage are all promoted and amplified through social media accounts tied to Beijing and Moscow to incite discontent and division.

Among all of the many ironies is the concept of Queers for Palestine, given that homosexuality is outlawed in many Muslim-majority countries and may even be punished with the death penalty. The fact that China and Russia are posing as friends to the Muslim world, despite Putin’s two wars in Chechnya and crackdowns in Dagestan, as well as the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan, and don’t forget China’s genocide of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

Another irony is that the same liberal women who believe they have the right to kill a baby because “my body, my rules” are protesting in favor of a system where they would have no rights at all. Additionally, Muslims are also against abortion, which is illegal in many Muslim countries. Even the way that many of the female protesters are dressed, or the fact that they are outside without a male member of their family, would land them in sharia jail in some Muslim countries. And of course, protesting against the government would be prohibited in those countries as well.

China didn’t mastermind every strife and debate in America; however, Beijing is watching closely. It utilizes social media and other forms of influence to latch onto, promote, or amplify those issues that work best for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

As for the Middle East, Beijing has normalized relations with the PLO. They are poised to recognize whatever government emerges in Gaza, and at this point, it suits Beijing to align with Iran and just have Israel and the US out of the way. By undermining the US, weakening our people and our unity, by encouraging us to fight amongst ourselves, Beijing is getting the heavy lifting out of the way before the shooting starts.

But if the propaganda campaigns are successful, and it certainly seems that they will be, indoctrinated Americans, Europeans, and Canadians will give Beijing everything they want, without a shot being fired.

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