Hunter Biden on Thursday accused Republicans of using his addiction to drugs and alcohol as “fodder for a vile and sustained disinformation campaign” against his father, President Joe Biden, and complained that the Justice Department is prosecuting him on gun charges because of who he is.

“My struggles and my mistakes have been fodder for a vile and sustained disinformation campaign against him and an all-out annihilation of my reputation through high-pitched but fruitless congressional investigations and, more recently, criminal charges for possessing an unloaded gun for 11 days five years ago — charges that appear to be the first ever of their kind brought in the history of Delaware,” the president’s son wrote in an opinion piece for USA Today.

He also claimed allies of former President Donald Trump and GOP pundits are exploiting his problems for political gains while representing a “real threat” to others with substance abuse issues to seek treatment.

“The weaponization of my addiction by partisan and craven factions represents a real threat to those desperate to get sober but are afraid of what may await them if they do,” Biden said.

He added that his addiction “shouldn’t permit the likes of Rudy Giuliani or a former Peter Navarro aide to debase and dehumanize me for their own gains” or for Trump allies Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui for “altered nude photos of me” while claiming to have ” ‘editorial creativity over the pictures.’ “

Biden also said he is troubled by the “demonization of addiction, of human frailty” and said he was “bombarded by the denigrating and near-constant coverage of me and my addiction on Fox News (more airtime than GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis) and in the New York Post (an average of two stories a day over the past year).”

His opinion piece comes as House Republicans continue their probe into his business deals in China and Ukraine and allegations that the president had encouraged him to use the family name to net millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, the president’s son was indicted in October on felony gun charges, after a plea deal failed, leaving him facing charges of two counts of buying a gun while using false statements and another count of obtaining a firearm while being addicted to drugs. He could face up to 15 years in prison on the false statements charge and up to 10 years behind bars on the drug-related charge.

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