Hunter Biden’s offer to sit for a deposition shows he and his attorney Abbe Lowell are going for “maximum circus effect” with their legal strategy, and Biden’s actions may be an indication that he is trying to hurt his father, President Joe Biden, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Newsmax on Friday. 

Giuliani, sharing a theory from a guest on his broadcast program, told Newsmax’s “Newsline” that “a lot of strange things have happened here.”

“He lost his laptop three times,” said Giuliani, who has acted in recent years as an attorney for former President Donald Trump. “That’s a lot of times to lose your laptop. On the hard drive, there were seven or eight references to how he resents the way his father used [him], and one in which he makes a tremendous admission when he says to his daughter, ‘They’ve always treated me with great disrespect, even though I supplied all the expenses for the family and gave my father half of my income.'” 

That points, Giuliani claimed, to Hunter Biden possibly “trying to make things worse for his father. … His displays might be in some way a legal strategy for him, but they certainly hurt President Biden.”

Giuliani also commented on reports claiming that Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis employed an alleged romantic partner, Nathan Wade and that wade used county funds his law firm received to take vacations with her. 

“Her personal relationship with him, and even the ethical part, is not as concerning as the fact this looks like like a crime,” said Giuliani. “They took taxpayer money to go on vacations. You can’t get any more of a crime than that, and I guess I get a little annoyed that they were doing it while they were framing me and Donald Trump and [Mark] Meadows.”

Giuliani added that he “knew that she was a dishonest district attorney” from the way the investigations were handled. 

Giuliani also commented on the blizzard warnings affecting Iowa and its caucuses Monday, saying he thinks the weather will help Trump’s chances. 

“His supporters are always the most intense,” he said. “So if he’s registering 50% of the vote, 40% are going to turn out. Somebody else’s registering 30%. They may get 20% of that. I don’t like bad weather. I’d like to see the maximum turnout. But I think bad weather will help him and I think he’s pretty solid there, and I think he’ll he’ll remain OK in New Hampshire, but I’m a little more worried about that.”


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