Bishop Protects Catholic School Kids From Transgender Groomers

“The Ruth Institute applauds Bishop Robert J. McManus of the Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts, for his efforts to keep gender ideology out of Catholic schools,” said Ruth Institute president Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.

The diocese issued a standard policy for its schools regarding sexuality and sexual identity. Entitled “Catholic education and the human person,” it was approved by Bishop McManus in late June of this year and sent to Catholic schools to incorporate into school handbooks beginning this fall.

The new policy states: “All students are expected to conduct themselves at school in a manner consistent with their biological sex.” It goes on to specify that students are required to use lockers, showers, changing rooms and bathrooms consistent with their sex.

Morse observed: “This policy takes a thorough stance in favor of truth, even stipulating what to do if a student changes his or her name after graduation. In which case, a requested new official document would use the formula: ‘Original Name, aka New Legal Name.’”

The policy quotes the Catechism of the Catholic Church: “By creating the human being man and woman, God gives personal dignity equally to the one and the other. Each of them, man and woman, should acknowledge and accept his sexual identity.”

Morse explained: “Though gender dysphoria is serious and must be treated compassionately, the reality remains that the sex you were born with is the sex you will die with. Attempts to assume the identity of the opposite sex, with chemicals or surgery, may change one’s appearance, but don’t alter reality.”

Local homosexual groups charge that Bishop McManus ‘has a long history of anti-LGBTQ practices and positions.’ But a denial of reality, which these groups demand, doesn’t help those who are struggling with sexuality or gender identity. The bishop stands for the truth that sets us free.

“Catholics and people of good will and common sense have a champion in Bishop McManus. He doesn’t shift with the prevailing cultural winds, but remains true to the mission of the Church,” Morse said.

The Ruth Institute’s Transgender Resource Center contains science, testimonies and sound thinking to help combat the transgender ideology.

Additionally, the Institute’s “Protecting Your Family from the Top 5 Gay Myths” is available for free download.

How to Defend Children: Back to School Panel

For the latest Dr. J Show, and as part of the Ruth Institute’s “Resist Pride: Back to School” campaign, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse hosted four crusaders in the fight against the LGBTQ+ indoctrination of children in schools.

Alvin Lui of Courage is a Habit “creates actionable tools and strategies for the average parent so they’re confident in being able to stand up for their children. And we give them something to do because if you’re only inciting outrage, but you don’t have any outlet, you create hopelessness. Parents are not hopeless, and they’re not powerless,” Alvin says.

Mary McCalister is Senior Litigation Counsel with Child & Parental Rights Campaign, a nonprofit public-interest law firm to defend parents’ rights to shield their children from the impacts of gender identity ideology. They represent parents pro bono, mostly against school districts that try to secretly affirm children in a transgender identity. They also help legislatures draft bills nationwide and have helped pass state laws to ban trans surgeries on minors.

Tiffany Justice is a former schoolboard member and the cofounder of Moms for Liberty, which works to unify, educate and empower parents to defend their rights at all levels of government. “When you bring people together and educate them on the issues, they are empowered to make change happen,” Tiffany says. “We’re joyful warriors. We’re going to fight like heck for the future of America.”

Tracy Shannon is the Texas director for Mass Resistance, an international organization focused on stopping the radical sexualization of children in schools and libraries. She defeated drag queen story hours in libraries throughout Texas by pointing out that the people reading to children were sex offenders, prostitutes and pornographers. She also helps parents get dirty books out of their children’s schools.

Learn more from each of these warriors by joining our Locals community, or watching on YouTube, Rumble, or Bitchute. Support the Ruth Institute’s Resist Pride: Back to School campaign here.

Combatting the Effects of the Sexual Revolution: Some Book Recommendations

Faith Hakesley from the “Advice from a Survivor” blog gives her thoughts on three books.

As if June (Pride Month) wasn’t bad enough with its rampant displays of promiscuity and godlessness, many parents are gearing up for the horror show facing their children, not only in public schools, but also in many private and Christian/Catholic schools. Now more than ever, parents need to commit to keeping their children safe by combatting the Sexual Revolution.

There are many steps parents can take to protect their children, but it starts by 1) knowing what they’re up against and 2) knowing how to combat it.

This week, I have a few book recommendations that would be helpful to anyone, but, speaking as a parent, I have found them to be particularly insightful. I especially encourage parents and young adult students to pick one (or all) of these up. Two are perfect for anyone trying to learn more about how we got where we are today and how we can combat the lies of the Sexual Revolution. The third book is a tremendously helpful parenting book. Let’s dive in!

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