The House Majority PAC, which is backing Democrats’ efforts to regain control of the House, is starting a $100 million fund that will focus on a nationwide abortion rights outreach campaign while trying to shift attention away from President Joe Biden’s low poll numbers and voters’ concerns about the border and immigration.

The super PAC announced to its donors through a memo earlier this month that its Reproductive Freedom Accountability Fund will be launched in swing districts, where it will be used to boost advertising and voter mobilization, reports The Wall Street Journal Wednesday.

The money will also be used toward voter outreach in districts where there are no competitive Senate or presidential races.

Each party holds eleven House seats seen as tossups, while dozens of others are competitive, according to the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

House Majority PAC President Mike Smith commented that voters are focused “on reproductive freedoms as one of the defining campaign messages of the 2024 cycle.”

The organization said that the fund would be made up of cash on hand and new money brought in.

The House Majority PAC has already reserved over $186 million for television and digital spots in 58 markets for this election cycle, marking the group’s largest-ever expenditures.

Meanwhile, the Congressional Leadership Fund, which backs House Republicans, has reserved $141 million for spots in 37 media markets, also spending more than in previous election cycles.

A recent Wall Street Journal poll found that in seven battleground states, 39% of suburban women say abortion is a deciding issue for their vote, and out of those women, almost 73% said abortions should be legal all or at least most of the time.

They also said abortion is a leading reason to vote for President Joe Biden, with 57% saying they believe former President Donald Trump, who says he backs states’ rights to make decisions on abortion law, is too restrictive on the issue.

“With voters rejecting Democrats on just about every issue under the sun, this is their sole strategy,” said Dan Conston, the president of the Congressional Leadership Fund.

He added that in blue states, GOP candidates “can clearly and empathetically communicate this is a state issue and settled law.”

Meanwhile, after the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, abortion rights groups are seeking to put the issue on state ballots with referendums and initiatives. As a result, Democrat strategists believe more voters will turn out to vote in swing states like Nevada and Arizona.

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