Sunny Barrett – SW Metro Salt & Light Team  and Roger Peterson – Nehemiah Reset Interview

Listen as Sunny Barrett shares her testimony and background of her family coming from North and South Korea.  Find out how Sunny’s grandfather, a Buddist monk, took the chance to escape North Korea by fleeing to South Korea and how Sunny’s Mom eventually became a Christian and moved to Texas where Sunny grew up. Sunny discloses how her journey took her to get actively involved in her children’s education and eventually join Nehemiah Reset’s Southwest Metro Salt and Light Team as one of its leaders.

Roger Peterson shares one of Nehemiah’s recent projects preparing voter guides for the local primary elections. Learn how this project will impact the culture and how you can participate in new project.

Below is a video of Sunny Barrett’s testimony recorded at a different time. It provides a brief glimpse as to her and her family’s background.

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