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As our country barrels heedlessly towards the uttermost bounds of depravity, even the country’s hallowed national monuments are no longer safe from those promoting this degeneracy.

From Joe Biden inviting transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney to speak with him at the White House to inviting other transgender influencers who took off their shirts on the White House lawn, the Biden administration has ensured that nation’s capital would become a hotbed of this increasing degeneracy.

And now, members of the infamous show “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” have disgraced the Washington Mall and the Lincoln Memorial by promoting the show and parading themselves in patriotic-themed, provocative outfits across these national landmarks.

Per The Hill, eight alumni of “Drag Race” took to the Washington Mall on Monday to both promote the ninth-season of the show and pose for pictures.

One of the drag queens, Angeria Paris VanMichaels, told The Hill, “It feels like progress. … In this moment, I feel very proud of my country and just the fact that we’re able to do stuff like this now. It kind of shows how far we are coming as a country — slowly but surely, we get there.”

More specifically, in addition to promoting the show, the drag queens were there to persuade people to vote in the upcoming election — for Biden, that is.

As The Hill noted, the LGBT community was instrumental in clinching Biden’s victory back in 2020.

Local news station WUSA-TV also reported on the drag queen’s underlying intentions regarding their little display, noting drag queen Shannel posted a video to Instagram encouraging people to vote, with the caption “Let your voice be heard VOTE.VOTE.VOTE.”

WARNING: The following video contains images that may be offensive to some readers. 

Now, was the drag queens’ little publicity stunt directly sponsored by the Biden administration?

It appeared not. Though these drag queens would most likely be full-throated Biden supporters, the impetus for the whole endeavor seemed to come from the makers of the show and not the White House.

However, The Hill reported, the drag queens met with White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre at a “popular gay bar” following their jaunt about Washington.

Is this any surprise?

After all, career liberal Nancy Pelosi once gladly appeared on this execrable show, and Biden invited a “non-binary” drag queen who publicly advocated for defunding the police to the White House to witness him signing the “Respect for Marriage” Act in 2022, WPDE-TV reported at the time.

Biden has devoted almost his entire presidency to prompting far-left causes that would have made our forebears recoil in disgust.

Imagine what Abraham Lincoln would have said had he seen these drag queens parading around the nation’s Capitol, within sight of his own monument.

Even a mere ten years ago, such a display would have been unthinkable to any sitting president, Democrat or Republican.

Only 20 or so years ago, committed liberals like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton publicly opposed gay marriage.

How, in such a short span of time, did men dressing like female strippers at our most important national monuments become something many people would consider “normal”?

This display from these drag queens, then, was more than an off-putting publicity stunt for a depraved reality show.

It was a sobering, and disturbing, representation of the moral decline of our nation.

What a difference a couple of decades can make.

A terrible, disheartening, difference, but a difference nonetheless.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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