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Kansas City Police Department in Missouri is facing intense public scrutiny following a viral video, posted by independent journalist Alex Rosen, showing officers releasing a man after he allegedly admitted to possessing child pornography on his phone.

In the video, Rosen confronts the situation with visible frustration as he narrates the unfolding event.

He claimed that the Kansas City Police allowed a sexual predator, who is currently on parole for child pornography charges, to walk free even after the individual admitted to possessing illicit content on his phone. The male officer involved in the incident did not identify himself.

Rosen is overheard in the video expressing disbelief: “Kansas City Police is letting this sex offender go because they said they can’t take his phone, even though he admitted to having child pornography on it. They’re just going to let him go.”


A female officer accused Rosen of sensationalizing the incident for social media likes.

“Yeah, it’s all about likes. Definitely has nothing to do with you guys doing your fucking job when it’s regarding a literal child molester,” Rosen wrote on Twitter.

Watch the heated exchange:

“At the end they finally got the phone, only because he willingly gave it up. We’re not going to let you forget that you originally weren’t even going to seize the phone. You changed your tune when I started making a scene. Better believe we’re requesting all those body/dash cams too,” Rosen wrote.


Following the public outcry, Rosen updated his followers, indicating that the Kansas City Police had reached out to him to collect the evidence.

Former Fox Corp journalist Breanna Morello reached out to the Kansas City Police Department for an official statement regarding the incident. The department’s response acknowledged the ongoing investigation:

“…Officers on scene received information of possible sexually explicit content involving minors on a cellphone.

Officers alerted detectives in our Special Investigations Division – Vice Unit who advised officers how to proceed.

Officers recovered the cellphone for investigation and examination by detectives.
This is an active investigation and detectives will submit the results and evidence to the prosecutors office for consideration of applicable charges.

The remainder of your questions would be part of the on-going investigation which would not be publicly available information per Missouri Sunshine Law 610.100.”

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