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DuPage County Republican Chairman Jim Zay and Illinois Senate Minority Leader John Curran (R)

In part one The Gateway Pundit highlighted some examples of how Illinois is fast becoming a Communist state based on the style of legislation that is becoming law.

We further showed how Illinois Republicans appear more concerned about aligning with Democrats than promoting conservative policy. To say nothing about the corruption, the political conceptualization of the problem is wholly misinterpreted.

Terry Newsome and Paul Drabik of Behind Enemy Lines podcast attempted to work within the system. However, the system itself is constructed by Democrats and Republicans are just along for the ride.

Illinois suffered, and likely still suffers, from the 40 years of political control under the most powerful state politician in the country, Mike Madigan.

Madigan, representative of the 22nd District and Speaker of the Illinois House for over 30 years un-consecutively, constructed a patronage army that still wields power in Illinois state politics to this day.

Currently under Federal indictment, Madigan was able to patronize many people in the bureaucracy and unions with political favors. However, that power was also wielded within the legislative body. Akin to Nancy Pelosi-style House rules, Madigan was able to institute the following over the years: 

  • Power to appoint and remove committee chairs
  • Power to give or take away $10K stipends for Committee Chairs
  • Ability to substitute members of committees to manipulate voting
  • SOLE POWER to dictate when a bill is voted on
  • Power to kill a bill before its heard via Rules committee control

These rules are merely a fraction of the totality of his control. Over the years this kind of power has effectively created a “frog in the boiling water” scenario for Illinois Republicans.

Madigan’s shrewd political power plays have shifted ALL politics in Illinois to the left. The current makeup of the legislature favors the Democrats in the House 78 to 40 and the Senate 40 to 19. Governor Pritzker enjoys his second term as of 2022.

Newsome & Drabik of Behind Enemy Lines podcast both became elected precinct committeemen only to find that things are just as bad at the local level of the Township organization.

Drabik worked as a contracted consultant for the local political organization and was told that combating pornography in schools was, “not how to get independent voters.”

Newsome approached State Senate Minority Leader John Curran whose daughter went to school with Newsome’s son. Newsome had asked the Senator to speak out against openly pornographic books like “Gender Queer” and was told that it would be “too political” if the Senator weighed in on the matter.

Former Speaker of the Illinois House Mike Madigan

Here are some images (pixilated) from the porn book for children Gender Queer where they actually show cartoon photos of two boys having oral sex.

Curran’s indifference regarding the pornographic material in the schools should not be surprising to anyone who is aware of the $30K in donations from the Illinois Teachers Union. These donations coincide with Curran’s support for Amendment 1. Amendment 1 is the most sweeping overstep for unions in the country giving unions plenary power through protection to collectively bargain via Illinois Constitutional Amendment.

Newsome and Drabik quickly found how deep the RINO infestation reaches. The podcast duo witnessed a fellow committeeman attempt to put a vote of censure to the Downers Grove Township Republican Organization regarding two County Republicans who donated to radical Soros funded prosecutor Kim Foxx.

The Chairman summarily dismissed the motion while breaking Parliamentary rules which govern the organization. Following standing ovations for Newsome and Drabik who challenged the organization during public comment, the Chairman proceeded to remove the public comment section from future meetings in August of 2023. This CENSORSHIP continues to this day.

Once he had the bully pulpit the chairman denigrated members who have had the courage, for years, to attend school board, village council, or library board meetings to speak out against issues like pornographic books available to children. According to the chairman these people are “radicals” and “anarchists.”

It appears the local hypocrisy is merely an echo of county-level RINOs. DuPage County Chairman, Jim Zay, disseminated a letter in April 2023 addressing the controversy of donations to Democrats from Republicans.

Zay dismissed the concerns of pay-for-play from Republicans to Democrats stating, “A Republican in elected office is better than one of the other party.” Zay also lamented the concerns about elections, “There are many saying our system is rigged but no one has brought any evidence forward.”

Zay is apparently unaware of the reporting by The Gateway Pundit which showed the analysis of the Illinois voter roll by civic group United Sovereign Americans.

The group analyzed a 4 year period where the Illinois population decreased by 150,000 but the voter roll increased by 650,000. In addition the analysis found, “…more than 4 million apparent registration violations…”

The same can be said in townships across Illinois. Grassroots movements are not to be tolerated. And yet, there’s a certain tone-deafness to the Illinois Republican Party. In 2022 the establishment candidate for governor, Mayor Richard Irvin of Aurora, lost the primary by a mind-blowing 43 points. Irvin was backed by a staggering amount of $50 million by Citadel CEO Ken Griffin.

The billionaire has since packed up his toys and pouted off to Florida. All the establishment Republicans pushed Irvin. Why, you ask? The overwhelming response to the peasant voting class was because he had a “better chance at beating Pritzker.”

These so-called Republicans have no conscious awareness of the Overton Window shifting their political perspective to the left through corruption and intimidation. The perception is “Illinois is a blue state.”

Without the industrial level corruption of someone like Mike Madigan would that be true? Are people in Illinois really radical leftists? Perhaps perception has inverted reality. And perhaps, a Republican Senate minority leader voting to give public unions Constitutional power to collectively bargain is just a Democrat in Republican clothing.

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