“Should Christians Run For School Board” Download

This has been a hot topic for many years, “Should Christians Run For School Board”. This FREE eBook outlines how God throughout the Bible has led people to be involved with unbelieving rulers to run their country. Some of the more prominent believers include Daniel, Jeremiah, Mordecai, and Esther. Each of these believers found themselves involved with unbelieving kings who sought their advice and help.

Members of school boards are in the same position, i.e. Christians giving advice to Supertindents and members of a school board who do not believe in Christ. These members have lost their way because we have taken out biblical values from our schools. If there are no Christians involved in our public schools, what do we expect will happen. We have that answer, and it is creating chaos in our schools.

Despite the additional funding provided for schools, the test scores have continued to fall. We no longer produce the top students in the world, instead, we indoctrinate our kids. We no longer teach American history, we teach how America is the evil Satan.

See the examples from scripture why Christians need to stand up. Is God calling you to stand up for Him? Download this informative eBook today and discover what God may be saying to you and whether you can be engaged in the culture without turning away from God.

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