Transforming Education: How To Start A School In Your Church and Impact Lives eBook

This eBook provides information for pastors, elders and parents on how and why to start a school in their church. Today many parents want to pull their children out of school and are not able to teach their children at home or send them to a private or Christian school. This is a little over 50 pages about how and why churches should consider starting a school in their church. The topics covered in this eBook include the following:

  1. What is the reason to start a school in your church.
  2. How to start a school in your church.
  3. What are some of the legal and administrative considerations?
  4. How to create a curriculum and educational philosophy.
  5. Building and equipping a school facility.
  6. How to recruit students and establish an enrollment process.
  7. Nurturing a Christ-centered educational environment.
  8. How to implement an effective teaching and learning environment.
  9. How best to support teachers and staff
  10. How to engage parents and build partnerships.
  11. How to impact lives and transforming your community
  12. Embracing the journey of church based education


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