The Christian Survival Guide: What The Bible Says About Preparing For Hard Times

This eBook provides a look at what the Bible says about our responsibilities for preparing for difficult times. Should we just plan on God taking care of us or does the Bible tells us to take steps ourselves? What does it say about physical and spiritual preparation. Below are the chapter titles in this important eBook.

Chapter 1 – Understanding God’s Sovereignty in Time of Trouble

Chapter 2 – Biblical Examples of Preparation for Hard Times

Chapter 3 – Scripture Verses About Physical Preparation For Hard Times

Chapter 4: Scripture Verses To Encourage You In Hard Times

Chapter 5: Practical Steps for Preparing for Bad Times

Chapter 6: Trusting in God’s Provision in Times of Need

Chapter 7: Maintaining Hope and Faith in the Midst of Trials

Chapter 8: Encouraging Others in Their Journey of Faith

Chapter 9: Embracing a Spirit of Resilience and Perseverance