From Vision To Reality – Starting A Christian School In Your Church

Chapter 1: Understanding the Vision of Starting a Christian

  • School in Your Church
  • The Call to Start a Christian School in Your Church
  • The Benefits of Providing a Christian Education for Children in the Congregation
  • The Indoctrination Going On In Today’s Public Schools
  • The Falling Away Of Christian Students Who Go To College
  • The Ranking of American Students Compared To Other Countries

Chapter 2: Strengthening the Church Community Through a Christian School

  • Building a Stronger Church Community Through Education
  • Integrating Faith and Academics in a School Setting

Chapter 3: Addressing Challenges and Logistics of Starting a Christian School

  • Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges
  • Logistics of Starting a Christian School Within Your Church 12The Need For Christian Schools Affordable To Lower
  • Income Parents
  • Advantages Churches Have For Starting A Christian School
  • Potential For Attracting New Parents To Your Church

Chapter 4: Financial Considerations and Funding Options for a Church-Based School

  • Budgeting for a Christian School
  • Fundraising and Funding Options

Chapter 5: Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Staff for a Christian School

  • Hiring Qualified Teachers and Staff
  • Hidden Resource of Retired Teachers and Grandparents
  • Retaining Staff in a Church-Based School Environment

Chapter 6: Developing a Curriculum Aligned with Church Beliefs and Values

  • Creating a Curriculum Rooted in Christian Principles
  • Integrating Church Beliefs and Values into Every Subject

Chapter 7: Impact of a Christian School on the Larger Community and Society

  • Discussing the Potential Influence of a Christian School
  • Creating a Positive Impact on Society through Education

Conclusion: Bringing Your Vision to Reality – Steps to Start a Christian School in Your Church