Finding The Perfect Fit: A Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Right School eBook

This eBook provides a guide for parents in finding the perfect school fit for their kids.   

The topics covered in this eBook include the following:

  1. Understanding your child’s needs and learning style. 
  2. Comparing Traditional and Alternative Educational Models
  3. Is Public School the right fit for your child?
  4. Or is a private school the right fit for your child?
  5. Should you consider a charter school?
  6. Is a Homeschool environment right for your child and you?
  7. Montessori, is this the type of school you should consider?
  8. Other educational choices you might want to consider.
  9. How to make an informed decision.
  10. Considerations when visiting and evaluating schools.
  11. Making the final choice
  12. Supporting your child’s transition
  13. Trouble shooting and re-evaluation
  14. Nurturing your child’s educational journey.