Equipping the Next Generation: 
Unleashing the Potential of a Biblical Worldview in Education eBook

This eBook discusses the importance of teaching a biblical worldview to your children. Your worldview determines how you view issues we see in culture. It is difficult to overestimate the changes that have occurred in the last 20 years in the education values being taught to our kids today. Every one has a worldview and the only difference is how we view the events we read about or see. Those possessing a biblical worldview see the culture through the lens of scripture. Today students are faced with anti-Christian teaching in public schools and some private schools. Subjects such as critical race theory, racism, sex education and equity are taught and are influencing our kids. We are starting to see the results of these teachings in the Black Lives Matter movement and the rising of the anti-Jewish movement during the recent Hamas and Israel conflict. Making sure our Christian kids have a biblical worldview is more important than ever. 

The topics covered in this eBook include the following:

  1. Introduction to a Biblical Worldview in Education.
  2. Biblical worldview and curriculum development.
  3. What teaching methods are aligned with a Biblical Worldview
  4. Education philosophy and a Biblical worldview.
  5. Importance of parental involvement in the development of a Biblical worldview.
  6. School Board considerations in developing a Biblical worldview.
  7. Teacher training and Professional Development for a Biblical worldview.
  8. Assessing the impact of a Biblical worldview in education.
  9. Empowering the next generation with a Biblical worldview.
  10. Resources for implementing a Biblical worldview in Education
  11. Recommended reading and further study.
  12. Glossary of key terms and concepts. 


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