A deranged drag queen named ‘Brigitte Bandit’ promoted trans propaganda at the Texas Democrat Convention this weekend.

Part of Brigitte’s agenda was promoting drag queen story hour for children.

And she’s proud of it.

“I’m a product of the Texas public school system. I have worked with children for over a decade, and I am now a full-time drag queen in Austin, Texas. Sometimes I read books to children in drag,” the drag queen said.


It is frightening to any parent to think that this person has worked with children for over a decade.

The disturbed individual was not finished. She continued to push for “gender-affirming care” for children.

“We have a duty to protect our most marginalized communities. Trans kids deserve to grow into healthy adults,” the drag queen continued.


Simply put, these activists are pushing policies that destroy children’s lives. The Democrat party has become so extreme that they are more interested in LGBTQ propaganda than actually protecting kids and allowing them to live normal lives.

This drag queen even mentioned “free Palestine” in “her” speech. “She” does not realize what would happen if she was in Palestine dressed like that.

“Free Palestine, long live Texas drag, protect trans kids, and happy pride month everybody,” the drag queen continued.



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