The Colorado Republican Party said parents should pull their children out of public schools due to “LGBTQ indoctrination,” according to The Hill.

In a fundraising email obtained by The Hill, the party said: “Our next policy aims to save Colorado children from progressive Democrats who want to turn more kids trans by requiring teachers to use ‘pronouns’ that do not make any sense and cause gender confusion.”

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, recently signed into a law a bill requiring teachers to use the preferred pronouns of a student without notifying parents or guardians.

The Colorado Republican Party blasted the bill as being sponsored by “four far-left progressives, two of whom do not know their own genders and do not have children.”

“All Colorado parents should be aiming to remove their kids from public education,” the email read. “If your child decides he identifies as a girl because he is angry with you, or all of his friends are doing it, the Colorado government will actively encourage his new fetish by allowing him to identify as ‘she,’ ‘they,’ or whatever nonsensical terms your son’s teachers and peers may dream up.”

State Sen. Faith Winter, a Democrat, told Denver7 that the law was critical to ensuring the safety of students.

“This bill is asking educators to use a child’s chosen name when they’re in school,” Winter said. “This is really important because children are going to learn better, have better access to education, and this is going to save lives.”

The Colorado Republic Party said the Colorado Legislature’s goal is to break down the family unit while showing kids that government knows best.

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