For the time being, additional military aid has been approved to Ukraine.  At the next possible opportunity though, there should be a move by Congress, or a new Administration to apply control measures to this aid to bring it in alignment with how U.S. military aid is normally applied.

The Ukraine War should be looked at as the first of several regional conflicts implemented against American under the “No Limits” agreement between Xi and Putin to topple America.  But at the same time, there are serious and fact-based concerns with money laundering, fraud, and corruption in Ukraine.

Russia is the major tributary state of China in the Chinese Communist Party’s move to defeat America.  Russia should be looked at as neither friend, nor enemy – instead they are a totalitarian regime with nuclear weapons, that has chosen to align itself with China.

There was a period when world history could have been changed and a historic rapprochement with Russia established. That was the 1990s, when Russia was teetering on the verge of collapse.

For some inexplicable reason, Secretary of State Madeline Albright and company in the Clinton Administration chose to bravely step forward and kick Russia in the teeth when Russia was on its knees.  So unfortunately, that ship has sailed, and Russia is on the Chinese Team and China intends to topple America through Unrestricted Warfare.

Appointing a dedicated Inspector General to oversee Ukraine Aid

The role of the Inspector Generals (IGs) in U.S. Departments and Agencies is very important. Not well understood is that IGs often are armed, badged, and have arrest authority.  One reason for this is that when investigating malfeasance, even darker and capital misdeeds may be uncovered.  In Iraq and Afghanistan, there were robust IG efforts that uncovered multiple instances of grotesque fraud, waste, and abuse.

An IG has now been appointed for Ukraine.  That is good news.  This happened last fall in October 2023.  It is interesting that once the appointment of a part time IG for Ukraine happened, Haiti suddenly performed assigned duties flawlessly and re-collapsed.

Haiti is where the Clinton’s learned the art of money laundering, but by the Obama-Biden era, the realization was that Haiti did not scale.  This is why the Obama-Biden Team started seeking larger scale opportunities like Panama, Malta, and Cyprus.

In the early days of the Russian invasion in 2014, the Obama Team couldn’t have cared less about Ukraine – until they realized the vast scale of money laundering opportunities.  Then they were suddenly all in.

The current arrangement is that the DOD IG is dual hatted as the Ukraine IG.  This unacceptable – Ukraine needs a dedicated IG.  In my efforts on election integrity, I’ve become far more learned on IG-like capabilities within the states.

I’ve been a bit shocked – most states have a nascent IG function, if any at all – most often it’s an additional duty buried in the State Patrol. More States should have a far larger and more robust IG operation.

Securing the Southern Border

The unwillingness of Congress to assign equal or greater importance of securing the Southern, and now Northern Border is insulting to most Americans.  If the American homeland border was secure, there would be far greater willingness of the American people to consider condition-based support for Ukraine.

10,000 Americans a month are now dying from Fentanyl made in Mexico, by the Cartels, under Chinese supervision, with 100% of the formulary components coming from China.  Almost all Fentanyl comes across the Southern Border.

120,000 dead Americans a year is greater than all the American combat deaths from forty years of combat in Vietnam combined with the entire War on Terror.  Everyone reading this likely knows a friend or family affected by Fentanyl.

New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco now have large No-Go zones due to the Fentanyl Apocalypse.  In addition, the flood across the border consists of multiple Brigades of Chinese Special Operators who immediately converge on high cash operations like “legal cannabis”, massage parlors, casinos, abortion clinics, and similar ventures.

Globalists and Deep Staters want Government Digital Currency so they can control society and behavior – but they like the carve out and will maintain these high cash operation exceptions that can be locally-skimmed and used as mini-Ukraines and mini-Haitis for tactical de-stabilization activities (such as the “Palestinian” Protests).

Accelerate the expansion of the American Industrial Base

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is back in Yale lecturing mode as he talks down to the Defense Industrial Base.  “Defense industry ‘still underestimating’ global need for munitions” is Jake’s talking point.

Jake has never run anything except his mouth and wouldn’t know an assembly line from a hole in the ground.  Newsflash to Sullivan, the Defense Industrial Base would gladly churn out more weapons to replenish American stocks and actually give the Taiwanese the arms they’ve already paid for – if a contract was signed.

The reality is that the negotiation of contracts is significantly lagging.  No one expands production without signed contracts.  We don’t need a forever war defense industrial complex, but we do need the world’s best Arsenal of Democracy 2.0 to build up American readiness so that a greater worldwide conflict with China and Chinese proxies is deterred.

We just blew $1B worth of ordnance defending Israel against Iran, the second biggest Chinese proxy, which worked well and was worth the investment.  The game is on, and the stakes are mortal in the world showdown with China.  But unchecked largess flowing to Ukraine is not helpful to American interests and condition-based aid must be resolved at the earliest possible moment.  PS – another condition of the aid – full revelation of the extent and role of Government provocateurs in J6 and nullification of all J6 prosecutions.

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