School Choice

Types Of School Choice

Find the different types of school choice being used today and what is the current status of school choice in our country today.

Types Of School Choice2023-08-10T07:33:33-05:00

Top Ten Benefits of A School Choice Program

Learn what the benefits of a school choice program are and why parents get more involved in their kid's education when they are involved

Top Ten Benefits of A School Choice Program2023-08-09T08:16:56-05:00

Ten Reasons To Have School Choice

Learn ten reasons to support school choice and why this is the best way to change the public school system.

Ten Reasons To Have School Choice2023-08-08T09:09:04-05:00

Pros and Cons Of School Choice

Find out the positives and negatives of school choice programs. Discover the reasons we should support a school choice program.

Pros and Cons Of School Choice2023-08-08T08:27:56-05:00

Current Status of School Choice

Are you interested in school choice? This video provides the current status of any school choice programs by state. Find out which states have school choice and if a state does, what it covers.

Current Status of School Choice2023-08-07T10:31:10-05:00


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