Socialism, Communism & Marxism

Marxism – Karl Marx

This video provides some background information on Karl Marx and the Marxist history.

Marxism – Karl Marx2023-08-10T08:19:03-05:00

What Is The Cloward Piven Strategy

In this video we discuss how the Cloward Piven strategy is used by the left to advance their progressive agenda.

What Is The Cloward Piven Strategy2023-08-10T08:07:32-05:00

Who Was Saul Alinsky?

This video provides some background information on Saul Alinsky and how he influenced so many on the left including Hillary Clinton. The video covers his eight-step Rules For Radicals which is being used to overthrow our nation.

Who Was Saul Alinsky?2023-08-10T08:05:22-05:00

Leftism As A Religion

For a long time conservatives have labeled leftism as a religion. Watch this video to listen to some of the arguments that support this supposition.

Leftism As A Religion2023-08-10T07:48:08-05:00

Four Stages of Marxism

This video outlines the four stages of Marxism, capitalism, socialism, communism and then Marxism. Find out where the United States is now and what the plans are by the progressives in the next few years.

Four Stages of Marxism2023-08-10T07:43:57-05:00

Types of Socialism

You can watch this video to find out the eight types of socialism so that you can recognize it when you see it.

Types of Socialism2023-08-08T09:07:05-05:00
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