Religious Freedom

Did We Just Lose Another Of God Granted Freedoms?

The bill, Minnesota HF 3628, can be found at In this bill, we only get to keep our assault firearms if we register. Semi-automatic rifles with several different characteristics are covered. This bill also covers some pistols,

Did We Just Lose Another Of God Granted Freedoms?2024-03-02T12:03:52-06:00

The Weaponization of Religion

Alex Newman, senior editor for The New American, is on a speaking tour exposing the diabolical worldwide campaign to subvert religion, and especially Christianity, to harness it in service of promoting the United Nations and world government. Mr. Newman

The Weaponization of Religion2023-11-22T08:20:26-06:00

Deconstruction From A Theology Viewpoint

In this video, a theology student discusses the concept of deconstruction and why almost everyone goes through this phase when building their faith. Find out why it is important for parents and grandparents to understand deconstruction for their kids

Deconstruction From A Theology Viewpoint2023-11-22T08:11:18-06:00

Hatred of Biblical Christianity

 Parliament of the World’s Religions The hatred and demonization against biblical Christianity and faithful Christians as “authoritarian” was on full display at the recent Parliament of the World’s Religions as religious leaders from around the world join forces

Hatred of Biblical Christianity2023-11-25T15:49:02-06:00

How Is Biden Changing Our Faith Based Healthcare Systems

This video discusses how President Biden's administration is rapidly changing our faith based healthcare systems and what they stand for. If you use a faith based healthcare system, you should watch how this administration is changing them.

How Is Biden Changing Our Faith Based Healthcare Systems2023-09-14T07:58:14-05:00

Why Religious Freedom Is Important To Americans

Find out why religious freedom is so important to all Americans and why we are rapidly losing our freedom to those who control our government.

Why Religious Freedom Is Important To Americans2023-08-10T08:10:43-05:00


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