New World Order

Ukraine Invasion Oncident

Was the Ukraine invasion a diversion? It seems like a funny question to ask. Listen to this video which discusses what occurred just before the invasion.

Ukraine Invasion Oncident2023-08-08T08:52:13-05:00

Who Is Klaus Schwab

This video provides background information on Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum and promoter of the "Great Reset".

Who Is Klaus Schwab2023-08-08T08:45:37-05:00

The Original One World Government

Did you know that the "New World Order" discussion that is out there today is not the first time this thought has occurred to mankind? The original one-world government idea was brought about just after Noah survived the

The Original One World Government2023-08-08T08:29:47-05:00

New World Order and Transhumanism

Find out why the New World Order is interested in transhumanism and who is behind the globalist movement.

New World Order and Transhumanism2023-08-01T08:20:29-05:00

Climate Change Ten Commandments

This video discusses the ten commandments that have been developed by the Pope and other progressives to implement their climate change agenda. Find out what is behind their ten commandments and how they will be implemented and what they might

Climate Change Ten Commandments2023-08-01T08:03:56-05:00

World Economic Forum Plan

This video outlines some of the plans of the World Economic Forum. Find out how they have infiltrated all levels of government and what they are trying to accomplish.

World Economic Forum Plan2023-08-01T07:59:00-05:00
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