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Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

In this video, we discuss the four horseman of the apocalypse, the first four seal judgments. As a bonus we also discuss the other three seal judgments.

Four Horseman of the Apocalypse2024-05-16T07:27:16-05:00

Jehovah’s witnesses history

Yes! Another video on Jehovah's witnesses / Watchtower's history. This one is a bit more detailed and includes scans of the information at the end. Thank you for watching!

Jehovah’s witnesses history2024-03-05T08:04:47-06:00

1:53 / 1:37:34 The Mormons: Who They Are, What They Believe

This Bible study examines the Mormons' origins; the discrepancy between Mormon beliefs and orthodox Christian teaching; the meaning of its rituals; and the prominence of the temple. Former Mormons share how their decision to exit the group was

1:53 / 1:37:34 The Mormons: Who They Are, What They Believe2024-03-05T07:51:45-06:00

Comparing Different Worldviews


Comparing Different Worldviews2024-03-28T07:39:03-05:00

Other Worldviews and Religions


Other Worldviews and Religions2024-03-28T07:37:58-05:00


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