Repentance – Is It Necessary For Salvation

In this video, we discuss the concept of repentance and what part it plays in the salvation of Christians. Why should Christians be concerned about what they do after becoming a Christian?

Repentance – Is It Necessary For Salvation2024-06-05T18:07:10-05:00

What Is The Holy Spirit and When Does He Come

In this video, we discuss some of the aspects of the Holy Spirit, who He is and when He comes. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity and was left here when Jesus ascended to heaven.

What Is The Holy Spirit and When Does He Come2024-04-20T15:00:04-05:00

Luke – Love Israel


Luke – Love Israel2024-03-01T10:26:18-06:00

Matthew – Voddie Baucham


Matthew – Voddie Baucham2024-03-01T15:51:47-06:00

Mark- John MacArthur


Mark- John MacArthur2024-03-28T07:19:41-05:00

John – John Macarthur


John – John Macarthur2024-03-28T07:21:04-05:00

Love Israel – Matthew


Love Israel – Matthew2024-03-01T15:53:52-06:00
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