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It’s always encouraging to hear a refresher from Greg Koukl on how helpful questions are when discussing controversial topics—how they enable you to set aside rote scripts and enter into personalized conversations with the unique individuals you’re speaking to, how they keep those conversations friendly, and how effective they are at helping people think through and evaluate what they believe.

As Greg notes in Focus on the Family’s two-part interview below, an approach that enables Christians to overcome their fear of discussing controversial aspects of the Christian worldview is needed now more than ever:

The message that we have is so important, and I have never seen a time when the culture was so aggressively against virtually everything Christian. Every piece of the story of reality—the Christian worldview—is being opposed in every sector right now, which means Christians are pretty hard pressed, and they need a way to engage productively and graciously—get off the bench and get into pleasant conversations that matter.

Watch the videos below to hear about the question-centered approach Greg has developed (part one), examples of specific questions you can ask when discussing issues like the problem of evil and abortion (part two), and more. And for more sample dialogues to help you get started in your own conversations, see Greg’s new book, Street Smarts: Using Questions to Answer Christianity’s Toughest Challenges.

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