I don’t like to report on Christian ministries that seem to be going rouge but I feel an obligation to do this when I hear about things that disturb me. Today she is talking with Dr. Rosaria Butterfield’s excellent talk at Liberty University last week, where she called out multiple Christian ministries for their weak stances on LGBTQ topics. We talk about Dr. Butterfield’s five lies of our culture and why she nails the true, biblical definition of gender as well as how we should view same-sex attraction and same-sex-attracted Christians. In her talk, Dr. Butterfield called out the Revoice conference, Preston Sprinkle’s Exiles in Babylon conference, and Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). We go through each of these ministries and some of what they teach about same-sex attraction and pronoun hospitality and explain why it’s so important for ministries to be clear and explicit on these topics. Then, we take a look a video making the rounds on X of a woman trying to get out of a ticket because she’s … indigenous and nonbinary? Note: The Cru article mentioned is on Cru’s staff site, which is only available via login for Cru staff. If you’d like to read it (and any other articles for staff on LGBTQ topics), reach out to a Cru staff member.

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