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The Gateway Pundit reported last week that a talented college student named Laken Riley was allegedly brutally murdered in Athens, Georgia, by a criminal illegal alien while going on a campus jog. José Antonio Ibarra, the migrant in question, entered America illegally from Venezuela thanks to Joe Biden.

It also turns out that city leadership contributed in part to the crime because Athens is a sanctuary city that refuses to cooperate with federal immigration law. But Athens mayor Kelly Girtz attempted to gaslight members of the audience during a press conference Wednesday and even took a vile shot at President Trump.

He flat-out lied and claimed that Athens was not a sanctuary city. But residents in the press conference caught on quickly and interrupted him.

They tore Girtz apart over his lie and rightfully blamed him for contributing to Riley’s death. They then demanded his resignation as he tried to lie again.


Girtz: I’ve received many calls, many emails, and many queries from the press in recent days about some notion of a sanctuary city. I want to lay this to rest today: the term sanctuary city does not have a sole legal or procedural definition…so that term means different things to different people.

Audience members: Liar! Liar! Liar!

Girtz: You’re here to listen.

Man: You’re a liar! You’re the one who’s guilty! You have blood on your hands!

Girtz: Sanctuary cities are things disallowed by Georgia law.

Man: We know what a sanctuary city is!

Girtz: We (Athens) do not correspond to this definition under state law…

Audience member: You need to resign! Resign now! You allowed this to happen!

Girtz also blasted President Trump for being “mean” to illegal aliens and seemed to blame him for Riley’s murder in part. Audience members responded with fire as well.

Gritz: 2019 was not that long ago… You had a president of the United States (Trump) speak in the most vile terms about people who were foreign-born. And you had that notion metastasizing in cities like Charlottesville.

Man in the audience: This is an invasion!

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