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The future of America is openly agreeing with Osama Bin Laden over a letter he sent more than 20 years ago justifying the 9/11 attacks, signaling an even darker future ahead for America.

The late terrorist wrote a “Letter to America” back in 2002 explaining and defending his motivations behind the worst terrorist attack in American history. He rants that the treatment of Palestinian people had to be “revenged” and expressed justifications for the killing of innocent people in the name of jihad.

The letter was originally published by the liberal British newspaper The Guardian in November of that year. But as The Daily Mail reported, the letter went viral on Tiktok after The Guardian linked to the article yesterday in a piece about the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

Young people responded by posting a series of sick videos on TikTok praising Bin Laden’s screed.


Here is a collection of some of the responses from the Tiktok users:

One young woman says the letter left her, “very disillusioned” and left her feeling the same way when she was, “deconstructing Christianity.” Another lady says she would,”never look at this country (America) the same.”

A young man says he is, “shocked but not surprised” and seemingly justifies Bin Laden’s actions: “In reading this letter I could only think of this tweet: under settler colonialism any kind of resistance is branded as terrorist because the only acceptable violence is violence by the occupier.” So according to him, America had no right to complain about being attacked because it is a colonial power.

Another woman blames the United States as well. She says 9/11 was, “just the build-up of our government failing other nations.”

A young man in a ponytail posts a video saying he was wrong to praise the killing of Bin laden and that the terrorist was, “right” about our country all along. Another young woman posts a similar clip.

A young American Muslim says the letter going viral was a “sense of relief.”

These young people represent the future of America and are siding with arguably the most infamous terrorist of all time against THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

Alarmed by the sympathetic remarks toward Bin Laden, The Guardian took down the letter. They told the Daily Mail the letter was being shared, “without its original context.”

credit: the guardian

But as independent journalist Yashar Ali notes, interest in the letter only grew. It has continued to spread on X/Twitter.

Here is the full letter. Click on the tweets below to view each section:

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) mocked the users on X/Twitter.

Snarky tweets, however, will do nothing to fix social rot permeating throughout America, especially as it relates to our youth. They have not only been indoctrinated by Tiktok, but also in school by woke teachers.

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