James O’Keefe, responding to a vulgar X post by Shark Tank personality and businessman Mark Cuban on Saturday, hinted that he would be releasing footage of a recent confrontation with Cuban at the gym.

Cuban’s initial post, where he called O’Keefe a “Motherf*cking P*ssy,” links back to an earlier thread where Mark tried to educate Elon Musk on the wonders of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI or anti-white discrimination) in the workplace and later accused O’Keefe of using edited video in an exposé on IBM’s racist work environment.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Mark Cuban’s ridiculous DEI comments directed at Elon Musk, which Musk destroyed and obliterated the woke DEI narrative with one simple question. The Tesla/Space X founder hit the leftist Dallas Mavericks owner with a kill shot, asking, “Cool, so when should we expect to see a short white/Asian women on the Mavs?”

Elon Musk Schools Woke, Anti-Trump Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban with Brilliant Response After He Tries to ‘Educate’ Musk on Racist DEI Policies

According to Cuban, O’Keefe asked why Cuban thinks he is lying about his previous Pfizer reporting, why Cuban wouldn’t put Wei Wu, a Chinese woman who frequently criticizes Cuban about DEI on X, on his Dallas Mavericks basketball roster, and why Cuban blocked Wei Wu on X.

Chicken leg Mark Cuban says he was in the middle of leg day and, therefore, “was going to MF (motherf*ck) everything” while speaking to O’Keefe.

In a potty-mouthed X tirade, Cuban said,

CUBAN: So @JamesOKeefeIII decided to ambush me during the water break of my workout class. I wanted to give the highlights as I enjoyed the conversation. First the part I enjoyed the most

I asked him if he was recording this. (Of course he was). He wouldn’t answer. He kept mumbling sh*t.

So I looked him in the eyes and called him a Motherf*cking P*ssy. I asked again. I think the 2nd time I may not have MF’d him. The next 2 or 3 times I asked, as we were walking, and he deflected , I definitely called him a motherf*cking p*ssy

As far as his questions. 1. He asked why I thought he was a liar when it came to the Pfizer ambush video he did. I told him it was because he told CPAC that the video said that Pfizer had actually mutated the virus. They didn’t.

2. He asked why if I supported DEI, I wouldn’t put @wuwei113 on the Mavs. I told him only a motherfucking moron thinks DEI is about quotas (it was the middle of an hour leg day, I was going to MF everything lol )

3. Then he asked why I blocked her. I didn’t initially, I just muted her, but every time I posted something she post would the same shit over and over, which led to all the replies repeating the same ridiculous sh*t. So I blocked her

This is similar to when Katie Hobbs, the illegitimate governor of Arizona, shouted at The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson, “Give it a f*cking rest” after he saw her at the gym. It’s typical of a leftist to curse at you and call you names when they get triggered in the wild.

O’Keefe responded to Cuban:

You left out the part, @mcuban , where your guy assaulted a guest holding an iPhone and made him delete the footage.

But not to worry Mark, as I mentioned to you, I’ve got camera backups amongst backups and eyes everywhere.

Stay tuned for the footage!

When Cuban was called on his possible lies, he doubled down, apparently lied again, and continued to claim O’Keefe was “mumbling” while refusing to be forthcoming about his recording practices.

But O’Keefe did not back down and said Cuban was “lying” again, posting video footage of an encounter with one Brendan Rams before “forcing” a bystander to delete a video from his phone off camera. This footage, which only shows part of the encounter, was posted on Brendan Rams’ Instagram. “Watch every video I’ve ever done. I’ve never mumbled,” O’Keefe added.

O’Keefe Media Group told The Gateway Pundit that footage of what really happened during the Mark Cuban encounter is expected to be released this week!

Stay tuned…

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