In one of the most ridiculous WOKE moves of all time, makers of the hit children’s cartoon Bluey have COMPLETELY RUINED the show by trying to claim that the main character – a BLUE dog – is actually a GIRL.

As if that’s not enough, these WOKE ACTIVISTS are saying that Bluey was, in fact, a GIRL THE WHOLE TIME. It’s disgusting. Suddenly telling fans that that the BLUE dog is FEMALE isn’t enough for these nutjobs. They want to rewrite history and tell us that the obviously blue dog was female FROM BIRTH.

Do they think we’re blind?? They show is literally called “BLUEY”, starring a BLUE DOG — and they want us to believe it can somehow be a girl. The WOKE mind virus ruins literally EVERYTHING it touches. Can we not have one show that doesn’t become infected with RADICAL GENDER IDEOLOGY?

Just like BIG BROTHER, they are trying to tell you to reject the evidence of your own eyes and ears. DO NOT LET THEM. Truth is truth. We know Bluey is a boy, even if everyone else in the world says otherwise.


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