By Wayne Allyn Root

I am the only conservative national TV and radio talk show host based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. My boots are “on the ground.” I know exactly what’s happening here in Nevada.

It’s what I’ve called “The Trump Miracle” for over a year now.

And by the way, you need to know, “What happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas.” What’s happening in Nevada is a sign of what’s happening all over the USA. Trump is pulling away for a gigantic landslide.

Even the liberal media realizes it. Over the weekend stories surfaced about the panic setting in for Democrat strategists who suddenly realize Biden’s campaign is doomed.

Trump is winning big all over the country.

Red states that used to be medium-sized Trump victories, like Florida and Ohio, are turning into landslides.

Battleground states like North Carolina are no longer in play. A formerly purple state, North Carolina is now deep red.

And the in the six key swing states that will determine the election- Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada- Trump has solid leads beyond the margin of error.

Democrats are even scared to death Trump is within inches of pulling upsets in blue states like Minnesota, Virginia, New Hampshire, New Jersey and gulp- New York!

But the story of the decade is my home state of Nevada.

Only four short years ago, Nevada was clearly becoming a solid Democrat blue state. CNN just reported Trump is up by a remarkable, resounding 13 points in Nevada. It’s a rout.

The national media is shocked. How is this possible? How did a purple state that looked like it was turning blue forever…suddenly reverse back to red again?

I have the answer.

First a few obvious answers. For the exact same reasons Trump is pulling away in every battleground state…

*The country is a mess, and everyone sees it.

*The economy is a mess, and everyone sees it.

*Inflation is a disaster and everyone feels it in their wallets and pocketbooks.

*The open border is a tragedy that threatens to destroy our nation and everyone finally sees it.

*Then there’s the weaponization of government. The framed fake indictments of Trump…the rigged trials…the biased judges and juries…the ridiculous cases…everyone can see Trump is being persecuted like we live in the Soviet Union, or Nazi Germany. No one likes what they see. They want it to stop.

All of these reasons are no-brainers.

But now we come to the big one that the liberal-biased, national media can’t see, or understand. Remember, I’m “boots on the ground” here in Las Vegas. I see it every second of every day.

Just this past weekend, my next-door neighbor listed their home for sale. It sold in three hours, for well above the asking price, to the first family who saw the home. Just like that. Listed and sold in three hours. One showing. Over asking price.

Who bought it that fast? A family running away from California.

It happens every hour of every day in Las Vegas. Thousands of Californians are moving here every month. They’re all escaping the woke, failing “People’s Communist Republic of California.”

I’ve met hundreds of them. They all have the same story.

They’re running away from the high taxes no one can afford… sky-high energy bills because of green energy insanity… regulations that make it impossible to own a business…out-of-control crime- they literally fear for their lives…homeless tents everywhere…and the woke, failing schools that teach their little Johnnie to change to Jane.

But worst of all, they’re running away from the insane, draconian lockdowns, masks and vaccine mandates. They never want to experience any of that every again. They are escaping with their lives to Nevada because they despise all of that.

And they are turning Nevada red again.

Who would have thought it possible? Well, I did. I’ve written commentaries and books about it. I predicted most sane Americans with jobs, assets and families to protect, trapped in deep blue states, would have to move to red states like Texas, Florida, Nevada, Tennessee, Utah, Idaho, North and South Carolina and Georgia. It’s happening.

I call it “The Great American National Divorce.”

It seems like the whole California is moving to Nevada. Every license plate in every parking lot says “California.” Homes sell in hours. They’re all coming here to get away from the madness of woke, demented Democrats and their disastrous policies.

And they’re coming here to vote Republican.

These thousands of new transplants per month are bringing a red wave to the desert. They’ve changed the demographics. Nevada is now a red-leaning state again. That’s why Trump is up 13 points in Nevada.

You don’t have to believe me. Just look at Florida. The exact same thing happened. It seemed like the whole New York moved there in the past four years. All these transplants moved from a deep blue state. Yet they turned Florida deep red! Because they were predominately conservatives running away from a failed blue state.

This is exactly what’s happening in Nevada. And why Trump is leading by 13 points.

God bless America and God Bless Trump.

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