By Wayne Allyn Root

President Trump just showed his real-world brilliance and branding expertise. His new RNC platform is sheer genius. It is “Marketing/Branding 101.”

It is all about one thing: #WINNING.

Trump understands the golden rule of politics- First and foremost, you have to win. Because if you don’t win, you have no power, you achieve nothing, you lose everything.

There is no “close second” in politics. If you lose, you lose everything. You’re out of power for four long, cold years. And in four years a country can be lost forever.

Exhibit A is Joe Biden (and his boss Obama) rigging and stealing the 2020 election.

One stolen election has brought America to the brink of destruction. Biden (and his boss Obama) stole the election to “fundamentally change America.”

Four years of open borders, massive spending and debt, green energy fraud, record inflation, the worst crime wave in modern history, censorship, weaponization of government, and wars breaking out all over the world threaten to destroy our country, our freedoms, our free speech, and our quality of life forever.

Nothing else matters now except Trump winning in November.

Put everything else aside. We won’t survive another year (let alone four more years) with terrorists, rapists, murderers, MS-13, Hamas, and millions of foreign invaders released from all the world’s prisons coming into America.

We won’t survive another year of Biden’s insane spending and debt.

We won’t survive another year of this unimaginable inflation. Our middle class will soon be wiped out.

And coming up fast is World War 3. If you want to save your children from being drafted and sent to “The Russian Front” the only answer is a President Trump victory.

Understanding all of that, President Trump just replaced the RNC (Republican) platform. The new platform is short, simple, and above all, popular. Every plank is supported and celebrated by the overwhelming majority of America’s voters.

This is how we win elections.

This is the new, and improved “Contract with America” designed by Newt Gingrich in 1994.

That contract brought the forever-losing GOP Congress out of the wilderness. After decades of being a minority doormat, Gingrich used a simple 10-plank platform of promises to the American people to pull off the biggest upset in political history and sweep to victory!

Trump has updated and one-upped Newt’s brilliant 10-plank plan.

This is a simple, popular 20-plank plan- simply because America after the disaster of Biden (and his boss Obama) is at least twice as screwed up.

Trump chose the issues a huge majority of American voters agree on…

*Seal the border and stop the foreign invasion (Trump already did it once before).

*Deport tens of millions of these foreign invaders, rapists, murderers, terrorists and welfare addicts out of America.

*Create prosperity for middle class families by ending inflation (Trump already did it once before).

* Slow massive out-of-control spending and debt.

*Drill, drill and keep drilling until we are energy independent and the largest energy producer in the world (Trump already did it once before).

*Cut taxes for workers and no tax on tips for service workers!

*Make America the manufacturing power of the world.

*Prevent WW3 and produce peace around the globe (he already did it once before).

*Protect free speech, freedom of religion and the right to own guns.

*Never again allow government to censor, ban, or persecute the American people.

*Lock up violent criminals and deport illegal alien criminals.

*Protect the U.S. dollar and our status as “world reserve currency.”

*Kill regulations strangling our economy- like electric car mandates.

*Keep men out of women’s sports.

*Cut federal funding for any school, college or institution that brainwashes students with CRT, DEI, and transgender ideology.

*Deport pro-Hamas protestors on college campuses who preach violence, hate Jews, and chant “death to America.”

*Secure our elections with Voter ID (just like Mexico has) and proof of citizenship.

*Strengthen our military, protect Social Security and Medicare at all costs, and rebuild our cities that have been destroyed by Democrat policies.

*Unite our country.

Who could be against any of that?

It’s simple, easy to understand and popular. We have the support of a majority of American voters on each and every plank. I’d argue a MEGA-majority!

I dare Democrats, or the liberal-biased media to find one issue the majority of American voters disagree on.

I dare Democrats, or the liberal-biased media to paint any of these planks as “extreme.”

I double dare you!

And I dare any Democrat, or the liberal-biased media to say Trump, or the GOP is “extreme” on the issue of abortion. Or to say Trump wants to take away women’s rights. Really? Where does it say that? It doesn’t even mention abortion. It’s not a federal issue.

There goes the Democrat’s only issue.

And one more dare. I dare Democrats to state they are against these Trump policies, promises and planks.

Say it. I dare you. I double dare you.

Please say loudly and proudly that you support open borders, keeping illegal invader criminals in the country, more massive spending and debt, higher inflation, raising energy prices, letting violent criminals out of prison, protecting pro-Hamas protestors, and starting WW3.

Please tell us you’re against free speech, against religious freedom, against gun ownership in the hands of law-abiding Americans.

Please tell us you want Americans to be dependent on foreign oil from our enemies. And you want the dollar to lose its “world reserve status.”

Please tell us you want more boys competing in girl’s sports, and you want our boys to change their gender to girls.

Please say it loudly and proudly. I dare you. I double dare you.

These are the planks, promises and platform that will win the 2024 election for President Trump and the entire GOP up and down the ballot. And Democrats have no answer. Democrats are screwed.

Trump is a genius.

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