A Virginia school board member was sworn in for his second term on a stack of controversial LGBTQ books instead of the Bible.

Fairfax County School Board Karl Frisch, who is gay, swore on the five LGBTQ-themed books “most frequently banned by other school systems,” according to his campaign website.

“He was sworn in on a stack of the five LGBTQ-themed books most frequently banned by other school systems,” Frisch’s campaign website announced. “Currently, the Board’s Vice Chair, Frisch becomes its Chair on January 1. He is the first LGBTQ+ person elected to local office in Virginia’s largest county and one of only four openly LGBTQ+ school board members in the Commonwealth out of roughly 800 members.”

OANN reports, “Frisch was sworn in by his male partner who was holding the stack of books which included, All Boys Aren’t Blue, Gender Queer, Flamer, Lawn Boy and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

The report added:

Flamer was penned by the distinguished writer and artist Mike Curato. Curato’s work, a semi-autobiographical graphic novel set in 1995, was published in 2020. The protagonist of the tale is teased at a Boy Scout summer camp for “acting in a manner considered stereotypical of gay men.”

Characters in the graphic novel talk about erections, masturbation, penis size, and pornography. There’s also an illustration of teenage boys in their underwear.

Similar to this, Maia Kobabe’s Gender Queer has drawn a lot of criticism from parents in America for being kept in public school libraries across the country and for discussing and depicting oral sex as well as masturbating.

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