One of the greatest and certainly most politically incorrect cartoon of all-time struck absolute gold once again.

As Deadline reported, South Park released its all-new special “Joining the Panderverse” today. In this episode, Eric Cartman realizes his greatest nightmare has come true: woke Disney has decided to replace him with a diverse woman!

In face, all of the main characters have been replaced by minority women. This is a brutal shot at Disney’s ridiculous prioritization of “racial consciousness” over actually producing worthwhile films.

“It wasn’t just me, they were taking all my favorite people and replacing them with diverse women complaining about the patriarchy!” a terrified Cartman tells his mother. Will you check under the bed and make sure there are no Disney executives under there?”

“I’m scared Mom! Will you please just look and make sure Kathleen Kennedy isn’t under my bed!

Cartman’s mom assures him that Kennedy is not hiding under his bed. But is she right?


But it is not just the children and Kennedy has a sinister secret weapon that allows woke Disney to make the same garbage films over and over again while pacifying the woke masses.

As Cartman correctly observes, this is why Disney’s movies all stink now. Deadline reported:

In South Park: Joining the Panderverse, the adults, too, are also wrestling with their own life decisions as the advent of AI is turning their world upside down. Why is Kennedy a target? Cartman blames her for “why the Disney movies all suck now.” In the special, Kennedy and Disney CEO Bob Iger reveal that they’ve been using a devise known as “the Pander Stone”, a piece of AI that makes the same movie over and over again, appealing to the masses. Kennedy use of the Pander Stone in the episode fractures the multiverse with Cartman and Kennedy sent to the wrong universe.

Here is a clip showing showing Cartman’s frenemies Stan, Kyle, and Kenny absolutely befuddled by the black woman who replaces Cartman claiming she is him. “Don’t you think that’s weird,” Kyle asks.

PC principal sees nothing wrong with it and accuses the boys of racism.

Here is the moment when Cartman visits a therapist and reveals the moment where he realizes everyone else has been replaced by a minority female.

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