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A new film explores how mental illness and cultural Marxism have wrought havoc on America’s children and their families.

Art Club,” produced and directed by former Colorado state legislator Kevin Lundberg, documents one family’s horrific experience with “public school indoctrination and the transgender social contagion.”

The one-hour-and-twenty-minute film features a lengthy interview with parents Jon and Erin Lee. And it has a powerful message.

“My number one advice to parents is get your kids out of public schools. They’re not safe,” Erin Lee said.

Readers who wish to view “Art Club” in it entirety may do so here:

The Lees’ ordeal began in May 2021, when their 12-year-old daughter received an invitation to an after-school art club.

Jenna Riep, the girl’s art teacher at Wellington Middle School in Wellington, Colorado, extended the invitation. The Lees gave permission for their daughter to attend.

Riep, however, did not inform the Lees that the “art club” actually functioned as a Gender and Sexuality Awareness Club.

Nor did Riep tell the parents that the club would feature a guest speaker named Kimberly Chambers, director of SPLASH Youth of Northern Colorado, an organization that purports to “serve LGBTQIA+ youth ages 5-24,” the New York Post reported.

Chambers then allegedly told the Lees’ daughter that if she was “not 100 percent comfortable in her female body, then she’s transgender.” The guest speaker also allegedly told students not to trust their parents and to lie to them if necessary.

Parents Defending Education, a grassroots organization dedicated to rescuing students from cultural Marxism, documented all of this along with what followed when the Lees’ daughter told her parents about the “art club.”

Email communications between Riep and Chambers, for instance, revealed the latter’s determination to separate children from their parents as much as possible.

When Riep reported that the 12-year-old had not returned to school in the days since the “art club” meeting, Chambers raised the possibility of a “well-child check.”

The “Art Club” film features the Lees but also tells the story of mental health counselor January Littlejohn.

According to the local news website Tallahassee Reports, Littlejohn picked up her 13-year-old daughter from Tallahassee’s Deer Lake Middle School in September 2020 only to discover that school officials had approached the girl with questions about her gender identity.

Littlejohn already knew — and had informed school officials — that her daughter struggled with such questions during the COVID scare.

Now, to her horror, she learned that school officials had affirmed the girl’s transgender identity without parental consent.

“After several weeks of back and forth with the district, finally we were able to meet with the principal, and we were finally shown the transgender gender non-conforming student support plan that was created and signed by my daughter,” Littlejohn said.

Finally, “Art Club” intersperses expert testimony and other content to place the Lees’ and Littlejohn’s story in a broader context.

Journalist Alex Newman, who appears in the film, described school officials’ behavior as part of a deliberate grooming effort.

“Children across the country are being recruited into transgenderism and the ‘LGBT’ movement by trained operatives in government schools at an alarming rate,” Newman wrote in Harbinger’s Daily.

That recruitment has included encouragement to permanent bodily mutilation. Newman called this a “diabolical movement” and “a monstrous crime against children, their families, and society.”

Many school officials no doubt believe that they act from compassion when they steer kids toward transgender ideology.

That ideology, however, bears as strong a resemblance to Marxism as any yet seen.

Above all, Marxists for nearly two centuries have sought to replace God and family with the state.

When public-school teachers and administrators push transgender ideology, they advance Marxism’s insidious goal.

Confused children — and adults, for that matter — deserve neither judgment nor scorn. In fact, if they dwell on negative feelings and thoughts of self-destruction, then they need genuine compassion.

Alas, transgender ideology affirms the desire for self-destruction. And the act of affirming satisfies the outsider’s wish to appear compassionate.

As long as school officials equate affirmation with compassion, children and families remain at risk.

Meanwhile, the Marxist goal of separating children from families and establishing the state’s omnipotence comes one step closer to reality.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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