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As Cristina Laila previously reported, The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability held its first hearing on the impeachment of Joe Biden on Thursday.

The three witnesses who testified were:

Bruce Dubinsky, Founder, Dubinsky Consulting (forensic accountant)

Eileen O’Connor, Former Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice Tax Division

Jonathan Turley, Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law, George Washington University Law School

During the hearing, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) introduced a photograph that Rep. Jamie Raskin and Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) falsely identified as pornography. Both Raskin and AOC (especially her) ended up being completely embarrassed by Greene in the end.

In the video below, Raskin panics and claims Greene is introducing pornographic exhibits into the records and attempts to bar them for the sake of “protecting” children. In fact, Greene is only showing a single photo of a woman in a bathing suit.

Raskin then claims he can’t see the photo and tries to blame Greene for not sharing the photo with him. Greene then points out the photo is already in the public domain. Ouch.

Then AOC, who was clearly not paying attention, jumps in and calls the picture porn as well. Greene responds by mocking her vision and ends with a sarcastic reply when AOC protests.


Relevant transcript:

Raskin: Mr. Chairman, our colleague from Georgia has introduced before pornographic exhibits and displayed things that are really not suitable for children who might be watching.

Greene: A bathing suit is not suitable, Mr. Raskin?

Raskin: Well, I’m saying, I would like the witness, I would like the member to be instructed to not introduce any pornography today at least without running through the chair first.

Greene: A bathing suit is not pornography.

Raskin: We can’t see it from down there so you didn’t make it available to the minority before you started.

Greene: It’s on the internet. It’s everywhere.

AOC then jumps in and face-plants as well.

AOC: You are submitting a naked woman’s body.

Greene: This is a bathing suit. It’s a bathing suit.

AOC: And it has not been cleared before this committee.

Greene: You don’t have your glasses on, do you wear them or not?

AOC: I have contacts on, thank you.

Greene (sarcastically): Oh, congratulations.

Back in July, Laila revealed that Greene did introduce sexually explicit photos of Hunter Biden during the IRS whistleblower hearing. Perhaps this is what led to AOC and Raskin getting humiliated?

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