Warmonger Jen Griffin is most famous for spreading lies about President Trump from a second-hand source that the president denigrated military members.

On Saturday, Jennifer Griffin used the Hamas assault on Israel to lash out at pro-life Senator Tommy Tuberville for holding up military appointments after the woke military started paying for service members to travel to to neighboring states for abortions.

This was a dirty attack by Jen Griffin.

Arthel Neville: Jen, this is Arthel. I wanted to ask you if you could, Jen, clarify what you said about Tuberville and his position on the military and not wanting them to travel for abortions. How is this coming to play into this situation?

Jennifer Griffin: So what I was pointing out is that the US. Military still does not have a confirmed head of the US Navy. Admiral Lisa Franchetti is awaiting confirmation. She is part of the 300 plus officers that are being held up by Senator Tuberville’s hold. He is upset about a Pentagon OSD policy that allows US service members to travel to out of states where abortion is prohibited to receive the medical care and abortions if needed in other states. And for that he is still holding up 300 military officers and without a head of the US. Navy, when in fact the Mediterranean Sea and the Fifth Fleet which Lisa Franchetti and the 7th Fleet which Lisa Franchetti, the Admiral used to be the head of, it really does diminish the ability of the navy to operate and that is what we’ve heard time and again from Pentagon officials.

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