Hunter Biden, President Biden’s wayward son, was indicted by a federal grand jury in California on Thursday for failing to pay taxes on nearly $200,000 in income earned in 2019.

According to the newly unveiled indictment, Hunter Biden did not report or pay taxes on income totaling $194,748 that he received from business consulting services. The charges add fuel to accusations of financial improprieties that have long dogged members of the Biden family, according to Fox News.

But while some feel like this indictment has been a long time coming, presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is skeptical about its timing.

On his X platform, Republican businessman Ramaswamy voiced his suspicions, writing, “The timing of the Hunter Biden tax indictment is one more sign that the deep state is planning to sideline Biden & pick a new puppet for 2024, all the while using this indictment as a perfect fig leaf to claim that the Trump prosecutions aren’t politically motivated. Kills two birds with one stone.”

Whether or not his theory is accurate, Ramaswamy did not pull his comments out of thin air.

Speculation has been brewing about whether the Democrat establishment believes Biden can win another election given his age and the obvious weakening of his mental acuity and physical stamina.

A CNN poll from September revealed that most Democrats believe it’s time for new blood at the top of the ticket in the 2024 presidential race. Just one-third of Democrat-leaning voters surveyed wanted President Joe Biden to secure the party’s nomination again, according to Axios.

Overall, 67 percent of Democrats and independents aligned with Democrats say the party ought to tap a nominee other than Biden in the 2024 contest.

While, for the most part, the Democratic establishment continues to assure the public that they support Biden, at least one former Obama staff member has been more candid about his concerns about the octogenarian president.

Last month, former top Obama adviser David Axelrod suggested on CNN that the president either “get out or get going” about ramping up his campaign efforts.

Axelrod, a longtime Democratic strategist who helped engineer Obama’s presidential victories, initially raised alarm bells following the release of a New York Times/Siena College survey showing Biden trailing Donald Trump in key battleground states. He warned that there was “legitimate concern” among Democrats about Biden’s standing.

Axelrod wrote on X that the polls could send “tremors of doubt” through the Democratic Party and suggested that “a lot will happen in the next year that no one can predict,” according to Newsweek.

Given the concern voiced by a well-known Democratic strategist, Ramaswamy’s theory is not entirely without merit.

Is there more than meets the eye as it relates to this indictment?

Could the establishment be trying to sink Biden along with his son, all the while using the indictment of Hunter Biden to prove that the Department of Justice is unbiased?

Only time will tell.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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