They are replacing everything in society that is beautiful with something that is just an insult to your intelligence.

The Gateway Pundit reported,

The despicable woke left continued its unrelenting war on American society by declaring two surprising individuals beauty pageant winners, one of whom is male.

As WKRG reported, 23-year-old Atmore resident Sara Milliken won Miss Alabama on her third try over Memorial Day weekend.

She claimed her goal was only to make the top 10 after failing to place in her previous two attempts.

“Just making it to top 10 was my goal, ya know, I could leave the weekend saying I was better than I was the year before, and it’s all about bettering yourself for me,” Milliken told WKRG.

But Milliken would have been laughed right out of the room in an actual beauty competition. WKRG-TV Digital Reporter Summer Poole posed for a picture with Milliken following her asinine victory in the pageant.

But woke warriors were not finished destroying feminine beauty. Despite an array of gorgeous and intelligent women to choose from in the Miss Maryland USA pageant on June 1, the judges of the contest instead awarded the crown to a biological male who goes by Bailey Anne Kennedy. The 31-year-old is a military husband, an NCAA D1 Dance Team Captain, and a former NFL Cheerleader Trainee from Montgomery County.

Was there some sort of an update that I didn’t get? Is this the new standard of female beauty? A man dressing up as an insulting caricature of what he thinks a woman is like and beating real women? Which one is more outrageous to you?

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