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A paper based in the United Kingdom has uncovered a severe problem that partially explains why the military has shrunk to its smallest size since before World War II. It involves the toxic combination of spoiled young people and the most infamous social media platform on Earth: TikTok.

The Daily Mail revealed on Sunday that young Generation Z army recruits over the past three years have taken to the Chinese-run platform to complain about military life while in uniform and attempt to dissuade others from joining America’s armed forces.

These complaints range from lousy food, fitness tests, low pay, freedoms being “suppressed,” and much more. The outlet has called this a “TikTok mutiny.”

The first video is by “influencer” Anthony Laster. It shows him describing his life in the military as having ‘No Privacy, Sh***y Food, Disrespectful Leadership, NO SLEEP!” He also whines about needing to get paid more.


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Laster’s video has been viewed more than 600,000 times since 2020. He also bragged in another post that he spent the whole day watching TikTok videos while supposedly fighting the Taliban.

Another young brat in uniform named Shemar Williams gave his 34,000 followers his “top five reasons not to join the military” while in uniform. As Breitbart notes, he appears to be on base while telling people to stay away.

Like Laster, Williams says soldiers are not paid enough and laments his “lack of autonomy.”

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Another soldier, only identified as Truell, gives their reasons why people should not join the “motherf***ing army” while going on a profanity-laced rant.

He complains the work is very physically demanding and there is a lack of empathy. “The army don’t give a f**k if you f***ed up. You better see the PT (personal trainer),” says Truell

Treull also whimpers that commanding officers are “on a power trip, and you can’t do nothing.” He concludes by saying, “In the military, you’re their b***h; if they want to do something to you, you’re going to do it.”

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25-year-old Sargent Barber filmed himself while in uniform telling his followers “before you head to the recruiting office, watch this video … If you don’t like your freedom being suppressed a little, not really, then I wouldn’t join the military.”

Credit: Daily Mail/TikTok sgtbarb96

Female soldiers have also taken to TikTok to go on anti-military rants. Their complaints largely echo the “men,” showing that wokeness and entitlement cut across gender lines.

One woman identified as Gammage tells her followers: ‘Don’t join the Army until you’re mentally prepared to be told you’re going over/underweight, treated like you’re not a good soldier if you can’t run 2 miles in 18 mins or less – oh and you can’t get injured either cause then it’s your fault.”

Credit: Daily Mail/ @tiktok/toogoofy.n

Other women smirked and seemingly danced while airing their complaints.

Credit: Daily Mail/ TikTok _j.will

The Gateway Pundit previously reported the U.S. military faces a severe shortfall thanks to a combination of factors including woke policies. Last year, the army missed its recruiting goal by a whopping 15,000 soldiers.

TGP also revealed that the military has attempted to go old school with more masculine ads in an attempt to reverse the severe recruiting shortage. Alas, America’s armed forces continue to shrink.

Exit question: Does anyone see Russian and Chinese soldiers whimpering on social media over the lack of vodka and rice?

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