Trump Confidante Mike Lindell Points to Report that China, Russia and Others Interfered in 2020 Election

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President Trump confidante Mike Lindell appears to be the only one left on Twitter who is able to share the truth or question the fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Mike dropped some bombs over the past few days about foreign interference in our election.

On January 8th Mr. Lindell reported that the election will go down as one of the biggest foreign attacks on our country ever!

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Mr. Lindell tweeted that the Italy story was accurate in that efforts to manipulate election data occurred there:

We wrote about this reported operation but were unable to confirm it was valid.  However, the operation was consistent with information we reported related to ballots being switched in the 2020 election. We first reported on November 10th that millions of votes were either deleted or switched from President Trump to Joe Biden:

Do you think China interfered in the election?

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Analysis of Election Night Data from All States Shows MILLIONS OF VOTES Either Switched from President Trump to Biden or Were Lost — Using Dominion and Other Systems

We also reported on what we labeled the multiple ‘drop and roll’ operations we saw around the country on the early morning after the election in many states:

We were unable to confirm the Italy story mainly because one of the characters in this operation appeared to be working for herself and was asking for money in return for providing more information.

This was a red flag and because of this and its complexity, we were hesitant to report the story.

Mike Lindell believes this story is accurate:

Reported Italian Intervention in the 2020 Election Lacks Information to Confirm Validity

Mr. Lindell  provided evidence that many foreign nations interfered in the 2020 election:

The link to the report referred to by Lindell is here.  Check the graphics out here – amazing.

Just because Big Media won’t report it, doesn’t mean it’s not true.  At this point in history, it means the opposite.

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