As the war in Israel continues, so does the fear of greater religious persecution. Security around the world has been ramped up after Hamas leadership called for a “Day of Rage” against Israelis and Jews. The most horrifying element of the attacks in Israel is the capture of Israeli citizens who were taken by Hamas into the Gaza Strip, with their fate currently unknown.

The airwaves of our senses are being filled with the news of horrific atrocities and the seemingly endless ‘inhumanity of man’ scenarios. The reports emanating from Israel are certainly nothing new. We have seen all of this before, even in our own county. But, somehow, it just seems different. Even those with no biblical background or belief concerning the nation of Israel, including her enemies, somehow understand in their innermost being that there is just something that sets this conflict apart from any that has come our way in recent days.

The Terror Attacks Are Demonic

Certainly, the stories coming out of the Ukraine and the nefarious actions of the Russian army are heart wrenching. But the geography and complexity of Israel and the Middle East simply add another dimension. Those terrorists who have committed the horrific crimes in the attack on Israel have been described as animals — they are not. That description is totally unfair to the animal kingdom. Make no mistake, what we are seeing unfold in the attack on Israel is nothing short of demonic, just as was the 9/11 attacks. It is not just an attack on the nation of Israel, but also open hostility toward true Christianity as well.

To those who would seek to appease the rogue reprobates responsible for this and other atrocities of its kind, let me simply remind you that it is extremely difficult to negotiate with those whose sole purpose in life is to eradicate you from the face of the earth. Perhaps one of the saddest commentaries in all of this is the $6 billion that was released to Iran, just days before the act of wickedness and savagery began. It is sheer foolhardiness not to see the connecting dots.

Because of our adherence to natural law and to the Bible, Southern Evangelical Seminary is keenly aware of the implications surrounding Israel and its enemies. Though we do not agree with every action of the nation of Israel, we stand steadfast with her in her time of need. Even setting aside those key factors, as true Americans, we can see no other reasonable alternative to the well-being of our nation’s best interest as well. Therefore, we urge the leadership of the United States, and God-fearing people everywhere, to stand firm with Israel and to meet the onslaught of the minions of Satan head on with great determination. Sometimes it is just absolutely necessary to stand up and be counted — this is one such time.


Judge Phil Ginn is president of Southern Evangelical Seminary.

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