According to Richard Pipes, one of America’s leading authorities on totalitarianism, a totalitarian state “aims at obliterating all distinctions between itself and the citizenry (society) by penetrating and controlling every aspect of organized life.  It attains this objective with the help of the ruling party which enjoys a political monopoly and governs with the assistance of a security police endowed with unrestricted powers.  In such a state, law is not a means of protecting the individual, but a mechanism of governance” (Pipes, “Communism”, chapter 5).

I have written previously about China as a Leftist, Marxist, totalitarian state, currently, and in the 20th century.  China, of course, was not the only such country last century, or even the leading one.  And perhaps not even the most barbaric.  The Soviet Union, under Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, started the Marxist movement, for which our world still suffers.

I’m going to use the word “totalitarian” rather than “communist,” because not all totalitarians are communists (e.g., Hitler and Mussolini).  But the Marxists dominated, and still do, and more understanding of their system is beneficial to us all. 

To Karl Marx, and thus to those who follow his philosophy, current human beings, such as they are, are a travesty of what they could, should, and had to become.  The present generation of mankind, Marx wrote, resembled the Jews of Moses’ exodus, who needed to “perish” to make room for the people who were “fit” for the “promised land.”  Marx never counseled mass murder, but was quite willing to sacrifice the living for generations yet unborn.  The sorry human creatures that now inhabit the planet are expendable raw materials for the construction of a new social order and the creation of a “new man.”  The elimination of these masses of inferior humans who now exist can thus be justified to ensure that future generations enjoy a glorious Utopia.

Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, the WEF, and modern Leftists appear to believe this horror whole-heartedly.

Note especially Pipes’ statement that, in a totalitarian state, “law is not a means of protecting the individual, but a mechanism of governance.”  Buy an electric car.  Eat bugs.  Ban gas stoves.  Arrest political enemies.  Submit to climate change dogma.  Learn CRT.  This is the use of law, by the Left, for social control and governance, not protection of individual rights.  It’s Marxism.  

A couple more quick examples, in the 20th century (besides China) of the actions of these Leftists.  Those who do not conform, or do not fit the “mold,” can easily be eradicated, even the supposed ideologically “pure.”

1.  Stalin’s Great Terror

In 1937 to 1939, Joseph Stalin unleashed his “Great Terror” on Soviet society.  Untold millions suffered death or torture.  “At the pinnacle of the Great Terror, the Politburo issued quotas to the police authorities, instructing them as to what percentage of the population in their district was to be shot, and what percentage to be sent to camps [gulags]” (Pipes).  In Moscow, a quota of 35,000 was to be “repressed,” 5,000 shot.  Every region had a quota to be “rounded up,” countless to be executed without trial.  As noted, even Communist Party members were not excluded.  70% of party committee members elected in 1934 to the 17th Party Congress were executed.  All of Lenin’s closest associates were killed by Stalin.

In 1937-38, an average of 1,000 people per day were killed.  This actually pales in comparison to the 6,000 a day that Mao Zedong killed over the 27 years of his dictatorship in China.  It’s Leftist totalitarian ideology and practice.

There wasn’t much benefit to the Soviet people.  In the late 1980s, nearly 50% of Russians were earning less than $10 a month.  China has “improved”:  now, nearly half of that country’s population lives on $140 per month.  Let’s have more Leftism, please.

2.  The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, 1975-79

Mao and Stalin, in sheer numbers, surpassed any other mass murderers in history.  But, as a percentage of the population, Pol Pot in Cambodia outdid them.  It is reliably estimated that, of the 7+ million people residing in Cambodia during the Khmer period, as much as 25% of the population were killed.  And brutally.  Entire families, including small children, were executed.  The Vietnamese, when they entered Cambodia in 1979, discovered mountains of skulls of Pol Pot’s victims.  The state confiscated all food and doled it out at its pleasure.  Thus, there was a massive famine in 1978-79.  People were executed for being late to work, complaining about food, criticizing the government, or engaging in premarital sex—the “killing fields” of Cambodia.  KR soldiers raped Vietnamese women, then shoved a stake or bayonet into their private parts.  Pregnant women were cut open, their unborn babies pulled out and slapped against the dying mother’s face.  Youths enjoyed cutting off the breasts of well-endowed women and setting fire to their buttocks.  Cases were reported of children being ordered to kill their parents.

This, folks, is what Leftist, totalitarian governments of the 20th century did.  China, with its “forced organ harvesting,” is still doing it.  It is the very essence of the Marxist system—the elimination of inferior humans to eventually make way for a “new man,” a better one, superior, who will help inaugurate and live in the Marxist, Leftist Utopia.  For anyone to say, “it can’t happen in America,” they only demonstrate their total ignorance of the Marxist philosophy and intentions (and history).  We see it in graphic ways in the United States today (e.g., child mutilation and trafficking, abortion, censorship of political opposition).  It will only get worse if the Leftists gain totalitarian control.  

The Democratic Party obviously is not a “monopoly” party today.  But their Marxist bent is obvious.  And the way they are using “law” to try to control people, and the FBI and DOJ to harass their enemies, is perfectly in harmony with totalitarianism.  Where will they stop if they gain total power?  The 20th century tells us.

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